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What we do

We make your bar interesting, up to date and a place your customers want to be!


Everyone at Nectar goes the extra mile and will move heaven and earth to ensure I get my stock.

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We invite you to wander through Nectar, get to know a bit about us, and want to find out more.

The morning after the night before

The morning after...
the night before

So it's been a busy night and you need to know your order will be on the way, that's what we do. Any special requests from your customers? Don't forget to mention it to your telesales contact.

Place your order!

Place your order
the face on the phonePlace your order!

Your local Business Development Manager has opened your account and has given you your personal telesales contact. You know they are there to support you as well as place your orders. With over 120 years of combined experience between them, they can answer your queries, or find you a solution.




Right first time...

Having invested in brand new warehouse premises in 2013, our warehouse staff make sure you get what you order, right, the first time. With a sophisticated stock system, whether you're an individual bar or a chain of restaurants we can support your management reporting requirements.

Let's get going...

We still work on flexible minimum orders and frequent deliveries to reflect your business needs. So if you want one bottle of a product added to your order or a pallet, it's not a problem, we deliver. And with automatic routing systems you can be assured that you won't get left behind!

We're on our way

We operate across the south of England Monday to Friday, with daily deliveries in most areas. We try to accommodate all your individual delivery requirements, times, places, people, even high tide times in London for those customers on the water!

Your man with the van

They are quite literally the face of Nectar, week in and week out. They are employed by us and get to know you and your route. Not only do they deliver your drinks, but they listen to what you want, put your drinks where you want them, and act as a tremendously strong communication link in our business. They are well liked for good reason, they do a fantastic job!

Topped up and ready to go

Topped up and ready to go

So there you have the team, from order time to delivery - Next working day! Cheers, the drinks are on us! All 2000 of them, and remember we are independent and stock what we know you want, not what we have to.

The Nectar newsletter - what is it?

An update on our new or trending products, as well as seasonal suggestions for your business.

When will you get it?

You will get one newsletter per month.

Who is it for?

If you run a bar or sell drinks to the public do subscribe to the newsletter!


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