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With the UK's demand for premium soft drinks still increasing, and the trend for premium over mainstream being one that experts predict will continue throughout 2017 and into the next few years, it's important (especially as the weather turns sunny), that you've banked up your offerings for the long weekend and beyond!

Gone are the days when most consumers are happy to order a coke or lemonade as a non-alcoholic drink; they're looking for a healthier, crafted soft drinks that are often new or with innovative flavours tantalizing their taste-buds. Step into our world of sumptuous soft drinks with this crafty collection.


Dalston's drinks are cooler than ever with their recent release of three low-calorie soda drinks in cans.

These delicious premium sodas are designed to challenge the idea that sparkling drinks have to be laden with sugar and chemicals, resulting in refreshing and clean-tasting soft drinks that deliver the fizz of carbonated soft drinks without vast amounts of sugar.

With all three cans being under 100 calories, be a part of the craft soda revolution that meets the needs of your healthier consumers whilst satisfying the thirst of those who aren't so aware.

The sun looks like it'll be shining and the bank holiday looks set to be bright and cheery so don't forget to top up on your selection of fruit juices.

Steve Carter of Frobishers Juices reminds everyone of the importance of stocking a strong portfolio of soft drinks in order to help your bar differentiate from competitors. Throughout April we've got their Bumbleberry Juice on special offer!

Buy any 3 cases of Frobishers Fusions and get 1 case of Bumbleberry free!

Serve it either as a stand-alone drink, as a mixer or as an integral part of a cocktail and you'll be sure to put a smile on your customer's face.

Don't forget about the kids that might be in-tow!

Cawston Drinks have a fab selection of Kids cartons for the little tinkers who'll be running rings around weary adults, or for the more mature a cool can from the sparkling range is sure to make them feel grown up.

Cawston's pride themselves on their drinks being perfectly balanced, not too sweet and made with all natural ingredients so whoever you've got in over the long weekend we know they'll be more than happy to sup on one of their range.








For something that will make everyone pleased why not try Feel Good?! The 100% all natural drinks with uplifting flavours, made from a simple blend of fruit and water.

Feel Good drinks come in a choice of refreshingly still or a little bit bubbly, depending on how the fancy takes you and your customers. Whichever you choose, there's never any added sugar - ever. So all that'll be drunk over the weekend is pure fruit and crisp, clear water - because when you drink good, you feel good!

Whatever your choice this April make sure your soft drinks offering is as fruity, fresh and sumptuous as the rest of your bar.
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