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It's a Cider kind of Spring!

Cider has steadily grown in popularity year on year, and as the sun begins to shine with a touch of heat we want to show off our crafty and luscious range, especially as cider can offer so much more than just being an alternative to beer.

Today's cider drinkers are young, trendy, and accustomed to having plenty of choice at their finger tips. Weston's Cider report highlights the trend of 'premiumisation' coming through in the cider market - so now is the time to offer a range of quality ciders so drinkers have options for different occasions.

The power of new is often key to a successful offering. Craft canned ciders are definitely bringing innovation and this sense of newness and now sit alongside craft canned beers in the fridge.


Weston's have a great range of craft ciders; Caple Rd is made from the freshest English apple juice, matured for 18 months in small batches which provides a full-bodied, complex cider that challenges the drinkers palate with an oaky taste.

Or if something a little more fruity is desired their  Rosie's Pig Cloudy cider has two can variants. Handbrake Cloudy Cider with Damson is a slowly matured, medium-sweet cider that has flavour hints of cherry and hedgerow fruits with a sharp finish. Whilst Flat Tyre Cloudy Cider with rhubarb is made from freshly pressed apples with an infusion of rhubarb juice to provide a fruity taste and tart finish.





For another cool collection of cider cans take a look at Friels ciders: their First Press Vintage Cider and Hop Infused Cider pair perfectly with food. Glen Friel, of Aston Manor Cider, describes how cider is becoming more "popular due the fact it can be paired perfectly with food (often better than wine) because it is a longer drink with a lower alcohol content. It also contains all the elements that give wine its body and flavour through the balance of tannins, astringency, acidity and natural sweetness.''

Friels First Press Vintage cider is refreshing due to its low tannins and being light and fruity so is perfectly matched for light summer meals or salads.


As the cider market grows consumers are seeking greater authenticity from their cider, and the Westons Report found consumers are "trading up to premium ciders within the category". Super premium products (as they call them) such as Aspall enjoy a price premium, but this segment is growing +2.8% year on year demonstrating the desire to spend more for a product that meets their needs.


Our collection of Aspall ciders include their Suffolk Draught Cyder and Harry Sparrow Suffolk Cyder on draught, two ciders made using the very best fruit.

If you're looking for their more modern approach add a bottle of  Waddlegoose  to your fridge. Waddlegoose takes a deliciously fresh approach with apples like Gloster 69, Zari, Gala - new varieties bred to be mouth-wateringly crisp and flavoursome. 





All in all apples are back in vogue! Fruit flavoured ciders are still a major part of the market but with consumers demanding heritage and authenticity don't for one minute think apples are on the out.

This couldn't be proved more by mainstream ciders producing invigorating drinks such as the new  Thatchers Stan's  range.

Bulmers Orchard Pioneers are on the horizon along with Orchard Thieves, two new products that will be hitting our shelves very soon!

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