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The elderflower season is here - and to us that means summer (yay)! Quintessentially English this dainty white flower is littering our countryside in a shower of white and with its nutritional value and Victorian roots it's the perfect addition to any bar. As a staple of rural tea parties, country houses and village fetes for generations, as family recipes have been handed down every summer it has risen in popularity and unforgettable this season.

Take a ramble through the hedgerows and see which of these handpicked elderflower drinks catches your eye!

Belvoir like to think that their elderflower drinks are a taste of the English summer in a glass - and we're inclined to agree!


Harvested from 90 acres of their own organic elderflower plantations on the farm in Lincolnshire, with help from the local community, Belvoir's elderflowers are picked by hand as part of a real team effort! With an expanding range there's plenty of choice: from elderflower cordials to presse and a light version at that!

Watch this video to learn about Belvoir's harvest:

Refreshingly thirst-quenching, the delicate and floral flavour of Bottlegreen elderflower makes it a classic favourite for all occasions.

We've recently added their Sparkling Infusion range to our Bottlegreen collection, three cans of pure lightly sparkling water delicately infused with natural fruit juice or botanicals. The Delicate Elderflower is delicately infused with hand-picked elderflowers. Refreshingly light and flavoursome hydration for people on the go, with under 50kcal per can.

If a cocktail is what calls to you when considering elderflower, try Bottlegreen's 'Garden of Eden' cocktail. This heavenly cocktail is perfect for a summer's afternoon, with zesty lime, zingy mint, aromatic gin and delicious elderflower cordial, it's blissfully refreshing.


50ml aromatic gin
10ml bottlegreen elderflower cordial
10ml lime juice
6 torn mint leaves
60ml cloudy apple juice
Glass: Highball

Shake all ingredients with ice. Strain into ice-filled highball glass and garnish with apple skin and a mint sprig

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Elderflower liqueurs are a perfect addition to summer. Delectable in a cocktail, poured over dessert or  as a long drink mix with sparkling mineral water - the delicacy of the elderflower shows true.

We have a growing range of elderflower liqueurs, Bramley & Gage's Elderflower Liqueur is made in small batches from hand picked elderflowers. This unique and versatile country liqueur captures the flower aroma and retains a fresh springtime taste.

Edinburgh Gin Elderflower Liqueur is distilled using the best native ingredients, locally sourced from the rural landscapes which surround Edinburgh. Subtle yet complex, this floral liqueur is made with freshly-picked elderflowers. The summer's elderflowers are hand picked in full bloom and then infused with their classic Edinburgh Gin. The flowers are then left to macerate for a month for full flavour extraction. 


Roam among the elderflower bushes this summer, soak up their aroma and offer your customers that drink with an added elderflower-extra!

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