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Mother's Day 2017

Please don't tell us you've forgotten it's Mother's Day on the 26th March! Celebrating everything motherly whether that be mum herself or grandma too, many families will head to a bar to celebrate the occasion with a long lunch or supper.

Be ready to ply these lovely ladies with the treats they deserve; make them feel a bit special.

Who would be able to refuse a G & T pretty in pink hues. If that's a favourite tipple Nectar stock several pink gins which will set lunch up a treat.

Oh, and don't forget the pink tonic too! The latest addition to the Fever Tree range is their aromatic pink tonic.

An aromatic blend of quinine and angostura bark, gentle spices and fresh citrus. A uniquely refreshing tonic with none of the cloying aftertaste you get from artificial sweeteners, delicious with your favourite gin or on the rocks on its own.

For something more intriguing why not take a look at Liberty Fields from Dorset, who describe themselves as people exploring the taste of apples. Well we're glad that goes beyond apple pies and branches out into the world of spirits.

Porters Perfection Vodka

Made from apple it produces a natural golden coloured vodka which deepens in the bottle as it ages.

Porters Perfection is a make of apple, deep red in colour which is brought together with wheat grain spirit and spring water then made by hand in small batches to produce this wonderful vodka.

Great for long drinks or classic cocktails its a great story as well as a delicious drink.

Apple Aperitif

If vodka isn't her thing try the very sophisticated Apple Aperitif. It's got a complex, warm, apple flavour, and whilst it is 8% ABV it means it's tastily alcoholic, and will leave mum's socks well and truly on her feet, not off!

We've got some beautiful white and rose wines on special offer this month to help the proceeding along...so don't miss these.

Mirabello Pinot Grigio Rosato £4.75

Percheron Grenache Rose £4.99

Cloud Factory Sauvignon Blanc £6.53

Duc de Mornay Picpoul de Pinet £5.95

And of course, the bubbles will be out!

Lunetta Prosecco Spumante £6.29

Juliet Rose Prosecco £6.20

Moet Chandon Brut NV £23.99

Veuve Clicquot NV £27.50

Now just think of all the brownie points to be collected on this very special day, for some very special people. Make yours a Mum friendly bar this year!

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