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Get yer wee chapsies round these, me lairds and lassies as we hold an incredible range of Scottish drinks. There's something for everyone, whether it be an after supper treat, a fresh G&T, brightening up a Prosecco, or a fiery cocktail of choice! So whilst Edinburgh is in our thoughts this month with the world famous fringe....remind yourself what else the bonnie scots have to offer!

Who would have thought you could bottle Edinburgh? From the Scot Monument to the Museum, the Royal Mile to the Rail Bridge, Edinburgh Gin have taken inspiration from a whirl of iconic Edinburgh landmarks to create the most delectable gins and liqueurs.


One of our recent additions is their Plum and Vanilla Liqueur. A luxurious, velvety liqueur balancing juicy plum fruit flavours with delicate Madagascan vanilla. This joins our current collection of sumptuous Edinburgh Gin Liqueurs: Raspberry, Elderflower and Rhubarb and Ginger. A mainstay of kitchen gardens across Scotland and intensely flavoured, rhubarb is the ideal ingredient for a sweet gin liqueur. Freshly picked spring-crop rhubarb is spiked with Oriental ginger and infused with their classic Edinburgh Gin.


Wildly sophisticated... Carefully handcrafted in the Scottish Highlands.

Caorunn expertly infuses five locally foraged gin botanicals. Artisnal and small batch, beautifully mixing the rugged charm of Speyside with the urban sophistication of modern Scotland. This Scottish gin is quadruple-distilled then personally crafted by one man - their Gin Master, Simon Buley.

So what makes Caorunn so remarkable? The answer is simple - it's all in their unique blend of botanicals.

Caorunn, pronounced 'ka-roon', is the Gaelic word for Rowan Berry - a Celtic botanical that forms the very soul of the gin. Infusing a total of eleven botanicals in their unique Copper Berry Chamber, harnessing Scotland's unique natural resources and age old botanicals to mouth-watering effect.


The first and only rum distillery in Scotland is inspired by science and driven by curiosity.

Dark Matter rum is driven by Jim's experience with the Dominican Republic during 2011, when he wasn't able to visit any distilleries he had contacted about making his rum. Fast-forward to 2015 and his perseverance and tenacity paid off. After much toil and construction Scotland's first rum distillery is in action and producing a spiced rum, a taste equivalent of warping into a liquid black hole but without every atom in your body being crushed to an infinitely small point.

Awarded Gold in both the 2016 and 2017 Rum Masters.

The early story of whisky in Scotland is largely undocumented. It is thought that prior to the 15th century, whisky existed for medicinal use, drinking and sharing in small gatherings. Believed to have unique capabilities to prolong life it was called 'Uisge Beatha', 'the Water of Life'.

Distilling more than 'just' whisky and world renowned as the smallest traditional distillery in Scotland, Edradour is arguably the most unique. Dating back to 1825, Edradour, stands alone as the last stronghold of handmade single malt whisky from a farm distillery still in production today.

Hidden in the very heart of Perthshire, this picturesque 'little Model Village' of Edradour is steeped in a history of intrigue to inspire the imagination.

The Edradour Cream Liqueur has been specially formulated for Edradour Distillery using only the finest ingredients, which naturally include Edradour Single Malt. Delicious on its own, pour over ice cream or in coffee.


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