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Special Offers for June

Don't forget to ask Telesales about these fantastic offers... or if you are ordering online add these items to your basket and we will apply the promotion prior to delivery.

Wine - Special price per bottle

Apulo Rosso Salento - £5.90

Vina Fuerte Tempranillo Crianza - £4.50

Chateau Chante Alouette - £5.35

Condorito Merlot - £5.15

San Felice Contrada Rosso Toscana - £6.36

Les Petite Roucas Carignan Merlot - £4.40

Domaine de la Vielle Tour Rose - £7.08

Les Petites Roucas Cabernet Sauvignon Rose - £4.50

Masseria Altemuro Rosamaro Brut - £6.95

Apulo Bianco Salento - £5.95

Calasole Vermentino Maremma - £7.95

Falanghina Salento Masseria - £7.95

Les Petites Roucas Ugni Banc Colombard - £4.50



Buy any 3 cases of Classics and get £8.95 off

Dalston Drinks

£1.78 off every case of Dalston Cans

Fentimans Drinks

Buy any 4 cases of 27.5cl get the  5th case free

Buy any 4 cases of 12.5cl get the 5th case free

Hollows and Fentimans Spiced Alcoholic Ginger Beer

Buy 4 cases of 33cl and get a 5th free

Pago Drinks

Buy 4 cases of Pago and get a 5th free


£3.15 off every case of cordials

£1.95 off every case of presse

Stone and Wood Pacific Ale

£2 off per case

Buy 6x70cl save £6.00

Buy 3x1.5L save £6.00

Barcardi Oro, Fuego and Negra Buy any 3x70cl save £3.00

Bacardi Oakheart

Buy 3x70cl save £7.00


Buy any 6x70cl save £4.00

Jack Daniels

Save £10 when you buy 6x70cl bottles

Save £12 when you buy 6x1.5L bottles

St Germain

Buy 2x70cl save £2.00

Dewar's 12 year old

Buy 3x70cl bottles and save £4.00

Jack Daniel's Honey

Buy 3x70cl and save £5.00

Gentleman Jack

Buy 3x70cl and save £3.00

Woodford Reserve

Buy 3x70cl and save £3.00

Old Forester

Buy 3x70cl and save £3.00

Jack Daniels Cider

Save £3.00 on every case

Belvedere Pure

Buy 5x70cl get 1 free

Hennessy VS

Buy 3x70cl receive a case of 200ml Fever-Tree Ginger Ale free

Bulmers Original & Pear

Buy 3 cases get a 4th free

Orchard Pioneers Cider

Buy 5 cases get a 6th free

Old Mout

Buy 5 cases get a 6th free

Blind Pig

Buy 8 cases get a 9th free


Buy 8 cases get a 9th free


Buy 8 cases get a 9th free

Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut

Buy 6x75cl save £12.00

Chandon Brut

Buy 11 bottles get 1 free

Fentimans and 5th Gin

Buy 4 cases of Fentimans Rose Lemonade and 1 bottle Fifth Gin Fire and receive a free carafe kit

Pistonhead 30ltr

Buy 5 get 6th free


Buy 5 get 6th free on packaged range

£2.50 off Thatchers Gold cans

Stan's Cans

Buy 5 get the 6th free

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