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Take a moment to breathe and step out of the city (even if only metaphorically).

As craft breweries continue to crop up in abandoned warehouses, industrial estates, out the back of a pub or, like many of London's new breed, based in a railway arch, we thought it was time to take a wander up'north and find out what else our beautiful country has to offer!

And, we're starting with a belter - one of the UK's first craft breweries!

To many people that's what Thornbridge is after it started producing its beers in a small out-building in the grounds of the magnificent Thornbridge Hall in 2005. Early success for its beers, in competitions across the UK, led to demand outstripping supply and in response they designed and built a new state of the art brewery at Bakewell which opened in September 2009.

Success has continued, with over 350 awards from across the globe. It has gained a worldwide reputation for quality, consistency and diversity.
Innovation. Passion. Knowledge. has been their mantra since their first brew and they have led the way in the UK for craft breweries. Reinterpreting classic beer styles with a contemporary twist has made them a flagship brewery for drinkers, and an icon for many new and aspiring brewers and breweries.

Our range of Thornbridge beers grew considerably in the first 3 months of 2017, with six of their core bottled beers being added to our keg line up. From a truly sessionable beer that stands up to its AM:PM name, a refreshingly Golden American Pale, a flavoursome Tropical IPA or a dark and brooding one to a stunning White Gold Pale Ale or a touch of Bavarian tradition there's simply something crafty for everyone!

Don't just take our word for it, these renown writers are also fans!

"Thornbridge is an immaculate modern brewer who quietly and confidently creates some of the UK's most impressive beers... Without the weight of history that shackles so many British brewers Thornbridge courageously ventures into areas of experimentation and innovation where others fear to tread." Ben McFarland, Beer Writer of the Year 2004, 06, 11 and 12.

"Thornbridge Brewery is one of the most acclaimed and respected breweries in Britain... and given the natural elegance of their beers and styling you can imagine them having been there for centuries" Craft Beer - 365 Best Beers In The World, Chris Hall and Craig Hea.

Finally, we also caught up with the man behind the beer, head brewer Rob Lovatt.

How did you become a brewer?

I was a qualified microbiologist and I had been brewing beer at home since I was 16. I joined London's Meantime brewery in 2000 when they were just starting up and never looked back.

What was the first beer you brewed and what was it like?

The first commercial beer I brewed would have been a Helles.

You joined Thornbridge in 2010 - what attracted you to them?

The fact they were already getting a good reputation. They seemed well capitalised and had a desire to raise the bar.

How would you describe Thornbridge beers in three words?

Consistent, innovative but still respectful of tradition.

What's your favourite Thornbridge beer?

Lukas - our Helles Lage.

What's the secret to good brewing?

An affinity for beer and the raw ingredients. Always striving to improve and most of all being able to spin lots of plates at once.

What's your favourite beer and food match?

Beer and cheese is by far the best match.

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