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Spotlight on... Big Hug Brewing

Our vast portfolio has some incredible brewers, Big Hug are an exciting group of people who love the craft industry and want to share their love through beer, find out what makes them tick here.

Big Hug Brewing are all about the beer hugs, formed from a passion for flavoursome beers that they want to drink. They also want you to enjoy them and get that warm fuzzy feeling similar to a good old hug.

An exciting, craft beer brand from London, Big Hug Brewing are friends who make beer for everyone.

The guys say brand rather than brewery because, well, they don't have one! In their own words, they're hobos. Homeless brewers who work with some of the best in the industry to use their experience, knowledge, facilities and time, coupled with their own unique recipes and brewer to bring you some great beers that we hope you enjoy.

They work with an organisation called Green Squares which means that every purchase goes towards preserving rainforest 1 square foot at a time!

Through great beer, events, food and festivals they bring their beer to the masses. Places where people can discover Big Hug Brewing and the joys of craft beer. They love to be a stepping stone into craft beer for many, but to also be experimental; create beers that are individual, unusual and innovative but always with the finest of ingredients and quality at the heart of everything that they do.

Recently, Big Hug brewed a new Pale Ale for Craft Beer Rising 2017 with Brewhouse and Kitchen in Islington, but they are also looking to move Slow Loris to can (watch this space as Slow Loris will be hitting our shelves soon...)

To Big Hug it's all about passion, flavour and community. By brewing different beers with different friends it gives them the opportunity to be more flexible, have more insight and tap into a greater knowledge and experience of making fine beers. It also makes them that little bit different.


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