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The sun is blazing, our countryside is in full bloom, the beaches are dotted with day trippers and our bars are busy... we could almost be in Australia! Even if the weather changes and our 'British summer' prevails, fear not because one of our recent imports is here to keep that Aussie dream alive... Stone and Wood Brewing.

From Byron to Blighty - the way it should be.


Stone and Wood started brewing back in 2008, when Brad Rogers, Jamie Cook and Ross Jurisich, quit their brewing industry jobs and relocated their families to Byron Bay, Australia.

They wanted to start a business that tapped into the village brewery concept whilst also taking a great leap forward in how modern businesses should be. A small village vibe where the local brewer is an integral part of the community by providing not only the social lubrication and hub for the good people of the village, but to also be supporting the people that support the brewery by giving back.

Byron Bay, with it's laid back attitude and idyllic environment, provided the perfect community for Stone and Wood to grow and foster this ideal.


Stone and Wood's brewing philosophy is based on brewing beer that makes the most of the ingredients available today. Beer that lets the flavours and aromas of the ingredients shine through by keeping the processes to a minimum. Beer that is approachable and simply good to drink (what more could you want in a beer?!)

Most recently to launch on our Nectar-shores is Pacific Ale; with it's simple recipe and focus on local Galaxy hops, barley and wheat malt, it is to us the perfect embodiment of this approach.


So how have Stone and Wood come to be on our shelves?

Well, they've been sending beer to London every summer for the last 5 years via Camden Town Brewery and decided - enough was enough - and to commit properly, setup shop and handle everything themselves. Especially as all of the beer is refrigerated during transit and storage.

The focus of their beers here in the UK is to showcase local ingredients, particularly Australian hops.

As Pat Keeble from Stone and Wood told us, "if our beers didn't already focus on these ingredients, then we probably wouldn't be over here. We very much see London and the UK as the global hub for beer. It's super crowded but also super fun. The variety of beer on offer here is ridiculous. It doesn't matter too much to us anyway as we're not here to take over or dominate the market. We're more than happy to just have a seat at the table, be present and share with the world what the Australian brewing scene has to offer".

We agree with the positive response so far from you guys. Just as Pat described to us, we get a large number of Australian ex-pats buying the beer here in the UK but we forget how many English and Europeans visit Byron Bay and try the beer when they're there.

All-in-all Stone and Wood are humbled to even be here in the UK. They absolutely love it here and hope to stay as long as possible - we at Nectar hope so too!

Check out this ace video - it makes me want to catch a long-haul flight straight away! 


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