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Soft Drinks

Brighten up your customers gloomy moods with these bright and fruity soft drinks, pair perfectly with Valentine's Day or begin to live like it's spring with Mother's Day in mind!

Fever-Tree's rosé pink Aromatic Tonic is a stunning blend of aromatic botanicals to make everyone feel like they're tasting a different corner of the world.

Fever-Tree have also created this fantastic G&T pairing wheel as each of their tonics have been carefully crafted to enhance the flavours found in different gins. Discover your ultimate G&T combination here!

Aromatic Tonic Water: a unique blend of aromatics including South American angostura bark, Jamaican pimento berry and Guatemalan cardamom, Fever-Tree Aromatics Tonic is crafted for the perfect pink G&T.
Mediterranean Tonic Water: by using rosemary and lemon-thyme from the shores of Provence, Fever-Tree have created a Mediterranean inspired tonic with a delicately sweet herbaceous taste.

Elderflower Tonic Water: Soft, subtle flavours of freshly handpicked elderflower give a perfect balance to the tonic's natural quinine.
Lemon Tonic: made using only the finest Sicilian Lemons and natural quinine, Fever-Tree's Lemon Tonic gives a supremely fresh approach on the traditional bitter lemon.


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