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House of Broughton syrups are crafted for bartenders and mixologists to help them create superior tasting drinks.

For more than a century Fentimans have been crafting superior beverages using the best natural ingredients. Continuing the tradition for creating drinks with unparalleled taste and quality, House of Broughton Syrups were created by Fentimans using their unrivalled skill and expertise which has been passed down from generation to generation since 1905.

House of Broughton Syrups bear the name 'Broughton' in honour of the Fentimans stalwarts who ran the Durham brewery. The syrups are crafted adopting the Fentimans philosophy of using only carefully selected, superior, natural ingredients and skilfully blending them together with precision and passion. 

Bartenders and mixologists have been involved in the development of the House of Broughton syrup range every step of the way. They told Fentimans that the syrups needed to have a stronger flavour profile than standard alternatives and be made with superior natural ingredients. They think they have met all their needs and want to now share the product range to the ontrade.

Made using the finest natural ingredients:

All House of Broughton Syrups  are created in small batches to guarantee the highest quality. This ensures the syrups give cocktails and mocktails a full and authentic taste, coupled with the bartender's ability to blend them to achieve the optimum balance of flavour, sweetness and sourness.

House of Broughton Syrups contain the same amount of sugar as traditional syrups. However, their flavour strength is much higher meaning that less syrup is added to drinks to achieve the desired flavour target. Using less syrup means using less sugar which avoids over-sweetening.

Should the bartender wish to add additional sweetness to their drink then Simple Syrup can be used or if a sour ingredient is required to balance sweetness levels then a smaller dose is needed which
reduces the potential of the sour ingredient to tarnish the desired flavour of the drink.

This provides the bartender with extra control over the balance of flavour, sweetness and sourness, enabling them to create superior tasting cocktails and mocktails.

The House of Broughton range consists of:Cucumber, Rose, Ginger, Raspberry, Elderflower and Simple natural syrups. Try them here today!


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