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It began in Dalston back in 2012 when Duncan was challenged to create an all natural great tasting alternative cola. As a chef, Duncan's experience of flavours led him to begin blending and mashing the first Dalston's Cola by hand in his kitchen.

The drinks proved such a success that Duncan decided to get fired from his full time job, and Dalston Cola Co was born!

He set up the first Brew Yard right in the heart of East London with a government loan of £10,000 and with ingredients sourced from London's markets. The drinks were made by hand and delivered by bike to top-end coffee shops and restaurants, creating the groundswell for the first modern day craft soda products.


Today, the Dalston's team have a shiny new Brew Yard (converted archway) in East London where they hand craft all of their drinks and invite people down to meet the team and have a little soda making fun!

Dalston's are passionate about their whole natural ingredients, working closely with their suppliers to ensure the highest quality possible. Blending, mashing and brewing these ingredients to offer sodas that allow you look forward to booze free occasions (or a delicious addition to your favourite tipple).



Their most recent launch saw Dalston's branch out into the canned market, with their craft sodas: Lemonade, Orangeade and Cola. Uptake has been incredible and they are really capturing the wave of demand for better quality sodas in a much loved and trusted format.

In a world dominated by the mediocre mainstream, Dalston's go against the grain to create soda that actually tastes of what it's made from. The Dalston's promise is that they'll always use real ingredients, a balanced amount of sugar, and never any nasty chemicals. Bringing you tastier, cleaner and healthier drinks.




Find out more about how Dalston's started with their founder, Duncan in this short video.




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