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If you haven't heard of Fever-Tree by now... well, you've stunned us into silence! In the words of the Financial Times, "the age of the dismal mixer is over". 

As a prime example of a phenomenal success story we thought we'd catch up with the team, their growing portfolio of products (they've launched a new product every year since launching in 2005), focus on their flavoured range and how it can benefit you!

Gin has grown more than any other spirit sold in the UK. In 2016 gin sales in the on-trade were up +19%, while in the off-trade gin grew +13%.* Consumers are recognising the quality of premium spirits and are willing to pay for a better drinking experience.

Each Fever-Tree Tonic has been carefully crafted to enhance the flavours found in these different gins. Whether Elderflower, Lemon, Mediterranean or Aromatic. The full range of flavoured tonics give you a point of difference from the competitors as they have been designed to pair with specifically with one of four main flavour categories of gin: juniper rich and robust, citrus and herbaceous, fresh and floral and sloe and sweeter gins.

By stocking Fever-Tree's range of flavour tonic waters this enables you to maximise your cash margin per G&T served.  



Juniper Rich and Robust Gins

Aromatic Tonic

Made using South American angostura bark, Fever-Tree have created a unique tonic water that can be enjoyed in a Pink G&T or as a sophisticated soft drink on its own.



Citrus and Herbaceous Gins

Mediterranean Tonic

By using rosemary and lemon-thyme from the shores of Provence, Fever-Tree have created a unique tonic with a delicately sweet herbaceous taste.


Fresh and Floral Gins

Elderflower Tonic

Soft, subtle flavours of freshly hand picked elderflower give a perfect balance to the tonic's natural quinine.


Sloe and Sweeter Gins

Sicilian Lemon Tonic

Made by using only the finest Sicilian lemons - pair with your gin of choice to give it a supremely fresh citrus touch.


Premium Indian Tonic water and Naturally light Indian Tonic both pair with all gins.


Do you want to update your Gin Menu?

With the vast array of fantastic gins now available in the UK, describing their nuances to customers can be a challenge. That's where Fever-Tree can help.

As consumer interest in gin continues to gain momentum, their mission (and ours) is to help you drive sales and celebrate the G&T renaissance in your venue.

Fever-Tree offer a complimentary bespoke Gin and Tonic menu service to help you capitalise on premium gins. These menus are proven to help staff upsell and provide customers with the confidence to order a premium gin and paired with Fever-Tree tonic.


 *(Source: WSTA)

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