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Meet the Producer... Sekforde Drinks

As part of our refreshing drinks list we love to bring you new and exciting brands and products. New to Nectar at the end of 2016 was Sekforde Drinks - the world's first mixers created specifically for rum and whisk(e)y and this artisan company are excited to introduce themselves this month.

Made up of husband and wife team, Tom and Talula, the Sekforde story started one lazy summer afternoon in 2013, in the heart of old London, just down the road from Charles Dickens' bank at No. 18 1/2. Being big rum and whiskey drinkers, and with frustrations rising as a result of the lack of ways to enjoy their favourite spirits Tom and Talula set out on a mission.

"All our friends would have these amazing Gin & Tonics when we were out, but if you want to drink rum or whiskey the choices are on the rocks or with cola or ginger beer which mask the flavour of the spirit and are either full of sugar or artificial sweeteners. It doesn't do any justice to the amazing whiskeys and rums out there, and puts lots of people off trying them. So, we started experimenting in our kitchen and created Sekforde," Talula tells us. "It's named after the street where we first dreamed up the idea."

Sekforde for Rum is made with aromatic lime, mint and rose amongst other ingredients, while Sekforde for Whiskey includes delicate orange, rosemary and gentian root. Both use a subtle, balanced blend of natural botanicals and English spring water, with each lightly carbonated 200ml serve containing fewer than 40 calories. What's also great is that they both come in well below the proposed sugar tax threshold, with no artificial sweeteners, flavours or preservatives!

Taste trials show that people welcome new ways to enjoy dark spirits, especially with new and interesting botanical flavour combinations. There is a real appetite for something new and different. Sekforde is helping more people enjoy rum and whiskey (of all kinds) more often, expanding the serves and the occasions when they can be enjoyed.

It's as easy to mix behind the bar as a G&T, creating a refreshing long drink in seconds, with the sophisticated profile of a cocktail in a simple serve.

If you're still unsure, The White Horse in Hermitage started stocking Sekforde and had this to say: "Sekforde does exactly what it claims, complementing the flavours of the rum and whiskey rather than masking them. All our regular whisky and rum drinkers have enjoyed their drink with Sekforde, and we've had a good rate of repeat purchase. Customers can taste the spirit when it's when mixed with Sekforde, so it gives us an opportunity to up sell to more premium brands."

What's more, Tom and Talula are continuing to have fun with drinks as a gin mixer is planned for later this year.

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