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An Interview with... Bruce Perry, Marussia Beverages

Marussia Beverages UK are importers and distributors of the finest spirits from around the world. Since 1984 they have been sourcing rare and wonderful premium spirits to share with us and your customers.

We meet Bruce Perry their Managing Director and get to grips with his incredible story.

How did you get involved in the world of spirits?

30 years after tasting Armagnac in a cow field, where the overpowering aroma was not Armagnac, 20 years after being offered only sweetened sherries in El Puerto de Santa Maria, because they were British, and nearly 20 years since starting to work with Heaven Hill Distillery and R L Seale's in Barbados, I am still learning and evolving my knowledge of the world of spirits, but essentially remain true to my roots; I continue to further the art of the artisan!

Back in the 1980s there was an obvious dearth in representation in the UK of quality, artisanal spirits. Neil Mathieson, the founder and erstwhile CEO of Eaux de Vie Ltd., which later became Marussia Beverages, simply went out and found stuff! I joined him in this crazy, ad hoc, methodology in the late 1990s after returning to the UK from a lengthy stint in the Eastern Caribbean.

What was it you set out to achieve?

We wanted the antithesis of the uniform value of a big brand. The goal was the discovery of, and the ability to illustrate, the breadth and idiosyncrasies of spirits.

Apart from finding a wealth of gems from around the world, the eureka moment was realising that there was a thirst for knowledge about these fabulous products; who the producers were, how they made and crafted  their spirits, how brands had evolved sometimes over hundreds of years.

How did the company develop and grow?

So from small acorns as they say! - we used to collect and pack up our own orders in the beginning, and we sold mainly to hotels and high end department stores, - the company has grown in a way we certainly did not foresee.

We now supply wholesalers, independents, multiple retailers and a wide cross section of businesses involved in the sale of these beautiful artisan spirits. We have a sales force based around the United Kingdom and a marketing team in London.

What next for Marussia?

Luckily the interest continues to grow in the craftsmanship of these products, as in many sectors of food and drink in the marketplace today. For Marussia this means we can continue to expand the portfolio and bring new products to consumers and we are as excited today by our discoveries as we were in the cow field 30 years ago!

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