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Inspired by the discovery of the Yukagir Mammoth, Mamont vodka celebrates Polar Exploration and the epic moments in life. Traditionally made using the finest natural ingredients, Mamont Vodka is six times distilled from white winter wheat. The spirit is combined with Altai Mountain spring water and filtered through silver birch charcoal for extra smoothness and crystal purity. With a soft taste, hint of sweetness and a dry finish, Mamont is as unique as its tusk-shaped bottle.



Since 2008 Tamara Mazur, Global Brand Director and Mamont Ambassador has inspired people about the Adventurous Spirit of Mamont Vodka. Born in Russia, she speaks five languages and was an air traffic controller in a previous life!

Through working with Mamont she has joined several high profile expeditions such as Artika 2007, Mamont Cup 2015 alongside Royal Dragon Guards wounded British servicemen and David Hempleman-Adams, ACE 2016-2017and others. During ECAD 2016 she was nominated as The Polar Queen.

As the media representative and expedition coordinator of the Foundation Mamont Tamara takes the winning teams of the annual Bartenders competition "The Mamont Mission" to the breath-taking Adventures across Iceland, Greenland and the Artic Circle in Russia and The Next Big Adventure in August 2017 is set to be at Shantar Islands; to sail across of a group of 15 currently uninhabited islands that lie close to the coast of Khabarovsk Krai, in the Sea of Okhotsk in the Russian Far East.



We spoke to Tamara about her adventurous and thrilling life with Mamont... she really does have a thirst for life and vodka!

How would you describe yourself and/or your brand? What did you initially seek out to achieve?

I'm on a mission! My mission as Mamont Vodka Brand Ambassador began in 2007, during the Arktika 2007 expedition (in which Russia performed the first ever crewed descent to the ocean bottom at the North Pole). I had to begin the Mamont Vodka marketing concept and roll out from scratch. I had just left Pernod Ricard Eastern Europe and I met the leader of the expedition to the Arctic Siberia, during which the legendary Yukagir Mammoth was discovered, and I became totally inspired by his idea of the celebration of epic moments in life with vodka made in Siberia and served from the bottle design as the Mammoth Tusk. Since then my "tusk" (or task) is to continue the Mamont Adventures spirit and to bring those adventures to you!

Tell us about the Mamont team:

You may be surprised to know that the Mamont team are predominately women. At our distillery, situated at the foot of the Altai Mountains, our team of fabulous and knowledgeable Russian ladies help me to develop our vodka recipe to secure its untamed smoothness.

A very dynamic production director enforces the highest standards, which involves strict control of raw materials through to the bottling and packaging process before it gets shipped. And me, with help of my marketing team from our offices in Moscow, Paris, Tbilisi, Zurich, London, New York; present Mamont to the market with extraordinary adventurous activities.

Believe me Mamont is in good soft hands and all we care about is to make our consumers, who are predominantly male, happy.

What's your typical day as Mamont's brand ambassador?

It's quite hectic! I spend at least 2/3's of a year travelling around the world. On those rare, quite days on the office I'm swimming in emails, catching up with the distillery, working with graphic designers, PR agencies and event managers across different countries. The most unpleasant part is financial; monitoring expenses so they are aligned with marketing budgets. My evenings could still involve working but luckily in a party mood - to be present at one of the Mamont Events is one of my favourite parts of the job!

What is your preferred way to drink Mamont?

My favourite way of having Mamont is on the rocks with food. I'm going back to its Siberian roots and enjoying it on the rocks with Siberian sashimi style "Stroganina"  - frozen thin slices of Arctic fish that melts in your mouth.

I must admit, at those unforgettable occasions, such as when you reach the North Pole during the Mamont Cup 2015 by ski over 111 km at the -40 C: all you can think about is to celebrate the spirit of adventure and toast with a shot of chilled Mamont Vodka, while standing at the top of the World at 90 N. (Wow!)

So what does Mamont mean to you?

First of all, being able to truly celebrate adventure! From reaching the top of the world at the North Pole to down around the South, diving to the bottom of the Lake Baikal at the "Mir submersibles" and sailing in Greenland on the last wooden historical sailing icebreaker in between huge icebergs while sipping Mamont...unforgatble moments in life!

And last, but not least, of course - it's the Mamont Mission and being able to collaborate with top bartenders and chefs from all around the world, meeting extraordinary people... Indeed, Mamont Vodka inspires me for adventure in life and I am truly happy to be a part of it!

Made of Adventure From Siberia with Love! 
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