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Havana Club is the authentic Cuban rum that embodies the spirit of Cuba! Made using the world's finest sugar cane the Havana Club rum range is one of the finest as a result of Anejamiento - a Cuban word meaning a subtle mix of ageing and blending know-how!

The master distillers, or Maetros Roneros are the keepers of this rum making tradition in Cuba and are the experts of Anajamiento for Havana Club, their passion and experience is unrivalled. In fact, by tradition each Maestro must undergo 15 years of training before earning his title.

Custodians of age-old traditions passed down from generation to generation and honoured as part of Cuba's cultural patrimony, the Maestros del Ron Cubano are the reason why Havana Club's premium rums can rival any spirit in the world. Together and singly they have aged and blended Havana Club's finest rum reserves to produce the Icónica Collection. Each bottle is a testament to the skill and passion of the Maestros del Ron Cubano past and present.

Shaped by Cuban climate, geography, history, and people, rum is an essential part of the nation's culture. As its finest expression, the Havana Club range represents this rich heritage. It is the true spirit of Cuba.

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All of the Havana Club range are produced in a different manner:

The Havana 3 Year Old is an essential ingredient for classic Cuban cocktails and delivers the most authentic Cuban Mojito.

Made using sugar cane harvested from December to March each year, it is squeezed in metal presses in Cuba's sugar mills to extract Guarapo. Guarapo is boiled down to syrup which is spun to separate the sugar crystals from the rich molasses. The molasses or 'sugar cane honey' is boiled with pure water and a unique yeast blend. This is allowed to ferment for 24 hours, producing 'vino de caña'. 

Vino de cãna goes into a distillation process where it is heated in continuous copper columns. The alcohol evaporates and re-condenses to form what is known as aguardiente. White oak barrels are filled with aguardiente, which are transferred to the ageing cellars. Aguardiente is aged 2 years and blended to become a base. The ageing process gives the rum its rich and complex flavours.


Havana Club Especial makes the ultimate Cuba Libre. A blend of young and old rum bases, this is a perfectly crafted smooth and balanced flavoursome rum. After the initial blend is created, Havana Club Añejo Especial is double aged in younger white oak barrels, selected by the Masters of Cuban Rum, to enhance the rum's aromas with soft notes of vanilla. A unique and different premium rum, it is finished in specially selected barrels before final blending.

The story of Havana Club 7... 

In the 1960's, Cuban Maestro Roneros pioneered a new chapter in the history of Cuban rum. It was a chapter defined by a ground-breaking new rum, Havana Club 7, which, with its 'continuous ageing' process earned the name 'El Ron Fundacional'. This is the rum that laid the foundations of a new level of rum quality, instilling character and depth into every drop.

Havana Club 7 consists of many different aged rum bases, each with their own personality, the youngest of which is 7 years old, giving Havana Club 7 its unique taste and deep layers of flavour. Each season, a portion of Havana Club's new batch of rum is put back into the barrel, to slowly age and mature for several more years, ready to be used in future production.

Thus, the cyclical process of ageing, maturing and refinement continues, so that for today and tomorrow, Havana Club 7 will always contain the spirit of that original batch from decades ago. A defining moment in the way we enjoy rum, now immortalised through this continuous ageing process: the seed of their original idea, an ever-present taste of their history.


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