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British artisan spirits from the heart of Hampshire. Silverback is Mountain Strength Gin.

Created by Gorilla Spirits Co founder, Andy Daniels, under the expert guidance of Dr David Clutton (the creator of Berry Bros & Rudd No.3, among others), Silverback Gin was launched just before Christmas 2015 and was awarded two medals a the International Wine & Spirit Competition less than a year later.


The distillery itself is industrial grade but micro scale, Andy describes the process as "a bit like designing and building a model railway but without the benefit of being able to buy off the shelf tracks, trains and station buildings.  All in all it took around 18 months to design and then another 14 months to build."

Within the distillery is Gorilla Spirits' pride and joy - their still, Mugwaneza (meaning 'she who is content'), has a 200-litre capacity and comprises both traditional copper pot head as well as a six-plate fractionating column.

Mugwaneza is heated very gently by circulating hot water through a coil - low and slow is their motto for distilling the very best product. Mugwaneza is able to make around 250 bottles at a time. 


The recipe is, unique and comprises of calamus root (think nutmeg, cinnamon), acacia blossom (honey) and lemongrass, all of which are layered onto a more traditional gin base of juniper, coriander, angelica and sweet orange. A modern style of gin with the juniper held back a little to allow the other botanicals to come to the fore and for layers of flavour to develop on the palate.

Technically, it's a London Dry Gin, but they prefer the term 'Mountain Strength'. At 46% ABV, Silverback Gin is like its namesake, the Silverback Gorilla - strong, but gentle!

Plus... £1 of every bottle sold is donated  to The Gorilla Organization. We call this Gorilla Added Tax, or GAT, which is helping to save the world's last remaining Mountain Gorillas from extinction.


Try this tasty gin as mighty as the gorilla!




Photography by David Nash
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