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CREATING A WINE LIST Putting together a great wine list isn't that hard, and it doesn't mean huge either! It just needs to be helpful, organised and user friendly making it easy for the customer to find a wine that suits them.

You will want to provide something in keeping with your bar and that also reflects a bit of your own business personality. The bar is often the first contact with the customer so a good list that delivers all the information needed is really important.

Here's a check list!


Make it clear and legible, easy to follow and informative - think about the language and make it appropriate to the style of bar.

Make sure you have the name, grape variety, country, colour, description and price.

Get the flow - sparkling, white, red, and rose and any other drinks you may wish to add such as pre or post dinner.

Offer wines by the glass and bottle to encourage trading up, and show clear price steps within the wines to reflect quality and diversity.

Make sure there is a good mix of countries and styles to allow for all tastes - not your own!


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