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How do I open an account with Nectar?

We'd love to hear from you, please call the sales office on 01747 827030, and they will arrange a local Business Development Manager to call in and open the account for you. Don't forget Nectar offer a full drinks service covering beers, wines, spirits and soft drinks.

Alternatively you can download the account application forms from the website

How long does it take to open an account?

A cash account can be opened within 2 days - we need your fully completed account application form, and once received we can set up the account at list price, using a card as payment.

There is a full account application procedure available on line to make the process as fast as possible.

Can I get a credit account?

We would be delighted to open a credit account for you, and have the normal credit checking processes to do this. These processes will take up to 10 working days, as we have to wait for responses from other parties. Your co- operation in correctly completing all the information we ask of you, helps to minimise any delays.

Can I get an order before the credit account is open?

You can place an order whilst your credit account is being opened, which will be at list price, and pay by credit card.

Who can open an account?

Nectar supply all types of businesses in the South of England. If you are outside the normal delivery area, you can talk to us about getting deliveries by haulier. Please contact the sales office on 01747 827030.

To check delivery to your area enter your postcode into the BDM finder, to see if we have a local representative click here.

How do I place my orders?

You can place orders by telephone, or order on line, alternatively you can request a telesales call from us. Order before 2pm prior to your delivery day you can expect your goods the next day, that's the fantastic service we offer our customers!

Can I use On Line Ordering?

If you have an account with us simply register for on line ordering here.Request on line ordering.

If you don't yet have an account please contact us in the first instance and once you are set up, you can opt to place your orders on line.

Can I choose my delivery days?

When we open your account we will do everything possible to accommodate your delivery needs.

I need a delivery early in the morning, can I get one?

When you open your account we want you to tell us what's best for you and we will do everything we can to put this information into our routing system.

Can I tell the drivers where I want my delivery?

Well within reason! We don't want anything embarrassing! We know our drivers are some of the best in the trade, and they will unload and place your order where you need it.

I am a customer already - Can I place my orders on line only if I need to?

Yes! you are free to phone or place orders on line, and you can move between the two methods.

Can the public buy products from Nectar?

Nectar are a wholesale supplier of beers, wines and spirits to the trade only.

Call the sales office on 01747 827030 or email ten/ratcen//selas

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