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Kate, our Soft Drinks buyer's pick of the month is a mixer from Longbottom & Co.

Longbottom & Co set out to craft a modern classic that's refined, complex and packs a punch. The story originally began in 1988 when founders Ed and Greg met at school. They became fed up of how bloody difficult it as to find a Bloody or Virgin Mary worth its salt, so they decided to make their own, turning it into a business in 2018.

Their Virgin Mary cans are made with real tomato juice and properly spiced with a garnish blended in. Drink as it is or add your favourite spirits to make some amazing drinks - vodka - Bloody Mary, gin - Red Snapper.



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Cawston Press Sparkling Orange Cans

Made with sunny seville oranges. Read on

Flawsome! Apple & Mango Juice

Imperfect apples and wonky mangoes turned into delicious cold-pressed juice! Read on

Folkington's Earl Grey Tonic

Bergamot, the bitter orange from the toe of Italy (Calabria), is the essential... Read on

Folkington's English Garden Tonic

An exquisite and unique take on Folkington's traditional Indian tonic water. The experience... Read on

Folkington's Indian Tonic

Folkington's Indian Tonic



Folkington’s Indian Tonic Water is made from a blend of natural quinine (from... Read on

Folkington's Perfectly Light Tonic

Folkington’s Perfectly Light Indian Tonic water has 33% fewer calories while still containing... Read on

Frobisher's Sparkler Simply Elderflower

Delicately sparkling elderfower pressé with summery foral notes. Read on

JARR Kombucha Raspberry

JARR Kombucha Raspberry



For the summer seeker in you. Fresh fruity kombucha, made the JARR way,... Read on

Remedy Cherry Plum Kombucha Cans

Red cherries + Kakadu plum. A tastebud tango. Ripe for the drinking. Read on

Square Root Non-Alcoholic Gin & Tonic

Square Root believe that everyone deserves a quality beverage, whether you're going juicy... Read on

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