New Spirits

Carlyn, our Spirits buyer's pick of the month is the range from Vivir Tequila.

The VIVIR Tequila range is an exquisite example of the Agave spirit and is produced in Jalisco, Mexico at the most awarded distillery for product quality and taste. The co-founders have been working with Agave for 17 years now and it took them over 3 years to perfect the VIVIR Tequila range.

All of their Agave is estate grown with their distillery and is only farmed at full maturity after 9 years of growth in the highlands of the region. They still adopt very traditional production methods and only use 'Hornos' (clay ovens) to cook their Agave to extract the amazing syrup. Even the water they use is from a natural volcanic spring at their distillery, which is very unique in the region and adds to the purity and smoothness of their Tequilas. They also have a strong focus on sustainability of their Agave, local wildlife and the environment. They truly believe they need to protect everything about the industry in order to guarantee the future of Tequila, the region, all those that work in it and the environment in which it operates.

Call the sales office on 01747 827030 or email ku/oc/reebihasa//selasratcen

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