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As an increasing number of brewers turn to cans to package their beer, our portfolio has grown. Not surprising, when cans are more sustainable, eco-friendly, easy to transport, space-savers in a fridge and above all, they ensure the tasty beer is as delicious as it was when it was first brewed.

2019 sees Wild Weather Ales and Five Points Brewery join our canned crusade, check out their range as they sit alongside some of our firm favourites, or peruse our 'can-dex' for the full range on offer.


Boom! Came the sound of the thunder, and as the rain came down like beads bouncing from the mash tun, Wild Weather Ales was born!

Brewed in Silchester (near Reading), and drawing inspiration from new world hops, Germany's malts and beer styles from across the globe, Wild Weather Ales vow to make your drinking experience as enjoyable as their brewing.

We recommend their peach sour beer, 'A Peach of a Weekend', with its luscious aroma and tart sour finish it delivers a world beating sour ale!

Brought together by their passion to create beers that people want to drink as well as be part of a movement, Big Hug create flavoursome craft beers for the masses in partnership with other breweries. They're hobo brewers!


Modern flavourful brewing from the heart of Hackney. Five Points Brewing Co. champion flavour, provenance and consistency in their range of beers.
Committed to their wider community, they were the first UK brewer to be an accredited Living Wage employer, their electricity is sourced from 100% renewable sources and they work to support local charities and projects. All round good brews!




There's a Crate beer for every time and taste, each one packed with unmistakable flavour. Established in 2012 when Hackney Wick was awash with change, Crate brewery has grown whilst still retaining a family feel, their fun and caring way of life and work is at the core of what they do.


First Chop's aim is to lead the way in gluten free beer production, a can for everyone their beers are vegan friendly as well. Make sure you can offer a real choice to all of your beer drinkers.


Born out of an admiration for London's urban beekeepers and a passion for craft beer. Hiver use only British ingredients and suppliers; fermenting with raw honeys to produce their range, which offers a great interpretation of this fantastic beer style.


Over 100 years of hand-crafted beers, Sadler's Ales are situated in the heart of England's famous and industrial 'Black Country'.

Top of their canned range is their Craft Lager, a crisp refreshing pale lager that balances the soft smooth bitterness of British hops with the uplifting pine and citrus notes of American Cascade. 

Family-run, independently owned, inspired by their beautiful home city. Edinburgh Beer Factory make beer beautiful. Creative, inventive and outward-looking, EBF combine old and new ideas and techniques to create beers of beauty; Paolozzi Unfiltered being one of them.

Full-bodied, full-flavoured and fresh, Paolozzi Unfiltered is a game-changing lager!


Innovative and experimental, Innis & Gunn create the beers of tomorrow. Their most recent canned addition is Mangoes on the Run, the fruitiest number they've ever brewed. A fruity hop IPA that's been combined with a mountain of mangoes!

There are no shortcuts to perfection. That's why it takes 102 days to brew and condition Budvar, about seven times longer than other beers. It's the only way to preserve their unique and unmatchable taste.




Vedett lager has been brewed locally in Belgium since 1954, but it wasn't until a Brussels area restaurateur introduced the beer into his bars in the early 2000's that the brand really came to life. Today, we stock Vedett Extra Blonde and Extra IPA in cans, both packed full of flavour and they throw a strong beery punch.


Proudly independent. 100% family owned, operated, and argued over. Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. are one of the top selling American craft beers. Committed to pushing the boundaries of beer, they are recognised for their sustainability and their commitment to reducing their impact on the environment, they are always looking for the next step in order to be more efficient.

Brewed for the European beer market, their California IPA has us dreaming of the sunshine state with its big citrusy flavours and golden hazy colour - easy drinking gold!



Inspired by a trip to Europe, Goose Island founder John Hall poured his experience into his brewing, crafting beers that not only catered to people's tastes but challenged them as well. That was in 1988, and they've not slowed down since.


Our full Can-dex can be seen here! 


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