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The story of Longbottom & Co began in 1988 when the founders, Ed & Greg, met at school. Together, they've been making mischief ever since. Read on to find out more.

With a shared love of all that's delicious, they'd always wanted to finally do justice to the hot sauces, and Bloody (and Virgin) Mary's that they loved. So, in 2009, they started experimenting with hot sauce as a hobby. Their goal? Make a tastier hot sauce, not just a hotter hot sauce - something with a flavour of more than just singed tongue.

Their hobby turned into a business in 2018. Fed up of how bloody difficult it was to find a Bloody or Virgin Mary worth its salt, they decided to make their own. Manufactured in the UK using the best ingredients from around the world, the boys created a unique Mary Mix that delivers a hefty thwack to the tastebuds... as well as the competition.

You can't make them behind the bar

When it comes to comparing their Mary Mix to the alternatives, where Longbottom say "tomato", they say "tomato from concentrate".

Always made with the finest tomato juice that's slow cooked over a gentle heat, their Mary Mix has the kind of flavour profile that simply can't be achieved with a cold mix. In other words, even the world's best bartender would struggle to knock up a Mary this fine.

The finest ingredients... And fine for Vegans!


Like anyone who loves food, we believe the best flavour calls for the best ingredients. With an ingredient list as simple as theirs, there's no shortcuts to be had. Always made with Grade-A tomatoes and fresh horseradish and Scotch bonnet chillies, they even use our own vegan-friendly Worcester Sauce so everyone can tuck into a Bloody or Virgin Mary Mix as it's meant to be made.

Virgin Mary

Longbottom set out to craft a modern classic that's refined, complex and packs a punch. Made with real tomato juice and properly spiced with a garnished blended in - the only decision to make it whether to add liquor. And how much.

Hot Sauce

A good Hot Sauce should be with you breakfast, lunch and dinner. They've made one more than worthy of every meal. With a little fire and a lot of flavour, use it liberally on pretty much anything.

Tastes like summer

Inspired by how people have reacted to our Hot Sauce and Virgin Mary, Longbottom decided to make their ultimate summer drink. They went back into the archives to the origins of the Collins and decided to bring it up to date. As with all their products, only the best ingredients have been used - yuzu, agave and the like. They then dropped in some chilli and ginger to give it a little kick. As good without alcohol as it is with. And it looks like a summer's evening in a glass.


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