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Coronavirus Updates

05/07/2021 Asahi and the RYB Scheme Closure

This is to confirm the 'Return Your Beer' scheme closed at Mid Night 30thJune.

Retailers who failed to complete their claims by the deadline will have forfeited any credit due via the scheme.

Credits for 'Completed' claims will be processed over the next week or so with the aim of having all credits raised by end of July

Asahi will continue to issue regular updates on the credits issued to the end of July at which stage they will archive all claims.

As with Lockdown #1 queries after this will become the responsibility of the respective account handlers to resolve.

The RYB website will be open for retailers to 'View' their claims until 21stDecember 2021 after which it will close completely.

9/06/2021 Delivery arrangements for June

We are maintaining a restricted delivery service of one delivery per week for all customers to fairly deliver to everyone in this period of unprecedented demand.

Please read our full service operation details here.

19/05/2021 The BBPA - approved Return Your Beer scheme - Update from Asahi UK -CLOSES TO NEW CLAIMS ON MAY 31ST

The BBPA-approved Return Your Beer (RYB) scheme is coming to a close.

We strongly recommend all claimants get any remaining RYB claims Submitted and Completed as soon as possible.

Closing dates for all the participating brewers have not yet been confirmed to us, but we anticipate that all other brewers will be very much in line with the dates Asahi are working to.

Molson Coors have already closed submissions.

Customers can only register claims on Asahi & Fullers Kegs / Casks with Best Before Dates after 1st November 2020 and up to 30th April 2021.

• Un Broached Kegs & Casks - will be eligible for Full Credit Beer & Duty

• Open - Broached Kegs & Casks - will be eligible for Duty Only Credit.

Other brewers are NOT allowing claims on open kegs and casks.

Keg or Cask submissions with a BBE between 1st November 2020 - 30th April 2021 can be made up to 30th May 2021.

On 1st June 2021 the Asahi UK / Fullers scheme will close to new submissions.

All registered claims MUST BE completed by the customer by 30th June 2021.

It is entirely the customer's own responsibility to submit and complete their own claims and to use correct information when doing so.

The only customer contact information that RYB has is provided by the customer as part of the claim. This includes the customers email address.

All submissions are subject to Asahi UK approval and meeting HMRC's conditions of the RYB scheme.

Please remember that the disposal of beer should always be done safely by a trained member of staff and comply with your local water authority regulations.

Most queries on how the RYB scheme works (for all claims and all products) are answered on the site itself.

You DO NOT need to be a registered RYB claimant to access the FAQ page.

FAQs | BBPA returnyourbeer.co.uk

If you have RYB queries relating to claims made on Asahi or Fullers brands you can also email our dedicated mailbox and we will endeavour to help in any way we can.

mailto: ku/oc/reebihasa//seireuq

All credits raised by brewers and sent to us as the route to market supplier are passed onto customers as soon as possible.mailto:queries@asahibeer.co.uk

We continue to monitor government restrictions. Should these or our credit policy change we will communicate in due course.

15/04/2021 BBPA Return Your Beer (RYB) Destruction of Beer in Cellars

An update from Asahi. Click here for info on submissions and deadlines.

12/04/2021 Line Cleaning and Cellar Reopening

Simple and effective advice from Paul Nunny, Chief Executive of Cask Marque:

I was a delegate on an Institute of Brewing webinar about line cleaning. While the chemistry side was above my pay grade I did learn that there are three things we need to remove when line cleaning - bacteria, bio-film and yeast. We must eradicate all three to have clean beer lines. Ways to achieve this include;

Line cleaning detergent is less effective when out of date. Check the sell by date as it could have been in your cellar for over 3 months. When diluted and used throw away the remainder as it becomes ineffective quickly.

Why not clean your beer lines twice. Don't apply extra cleaner or leave in the beer lines longer. This damages them. It is important to remove all three elements mentioned as they potentially could have been breeding for three months!

Innserve, the largest cellar support company, gave some interesting statistics from the first lockdown:

24% of call-outs related to remote coolers.

In week 1 in July they experienced calls 20% above their capacity, sadly leading to delays in response.

Their advice was, as soon as possible, re-start remotes and leave running for 6-8 hours which will identify blockages on the circulation of the coolant and possible leaks. Remember this equipment is built to run 24/7 not hibernate for 3 months. Make sure all coolers have clean grills and a good air flow.

Glasswashing machines must be drained, the jets dismantled and cleaned.

The webinar recommended that everybody downloads the Cask Marque re-opening check list and here is the link.

I hope this is helpful and your re-opening goes according to plan.

-Paul Nunny

30/03/2021 Hartridges

Out of date postmix and restarting your post mix system information can be found here.

10/03/2021 Budweiser Updated Terms

Information on Stock Management can be found here.

22/02/21 Freedom Beer Returns

Please use the attached form and follow the instructions for returning the information to Freedom to allow them to assess your claim.

16/02/21 Nectar Returns Policy

During this period of lock down we will be trying to assist customers with the following actions for keg and cask products supplied by Nectar.

As before, we are communicating any issues as quickly as we can, and we are updating the website daily with the latest news. Please visit https://www.nectar.net/here-to-help/coronavirus-updates

We appreciate the situation has created additional administration for outlets, and we are doing our best to guide you to the correct source of information so you can resolve any issues you have as quickly as possible.

For beer queries please visit the Return Your Beer Website, which all of the major brewers are working with. Here you can raise your own credit claims directly with the brewers. Please pay attention to the guidelines for each individual brewer as they all have different qualifications for credits, most notably around the Best Before (BBE) dates they are currently offering to provide credit for.

Check participating brewers on the RYB website https://www.returnyourbeer.co.uk/participating-brewers/

Nectar will not be collecting any kegs or cask for the purposes of obtaining a credit. You will need to follow the guidelines on the RYB website set out by the BBPA in order to see if you qualify for a credit, which BBE dates the brewers are accepting and how and when you should carry out the destruction of the keg contents.

As a general rule, brewers are accepting full and unbroached keg and cask (dates to be specified by individual brewers) for credits.

You will be pleased to hear that Asahi are an exception in that as well as offering credit for full and unbroached, they are accepting claims for part full kegs and cask. Part-full claims will only qualify for the repayment of Duty.

If you have beer in the cellars from brewers that are not participating in RYB - Nectar is unable to offer a credit; we can only offer credits where credits are offered to us. We can collect the stock but it will be considered an empty and no credit will be raised.

You can contact those brewers not participating in the RYB scheme to confirm their credit policies, sadly we will be unable to do this on your behalf due to the number of customers and products we have.

Please do not hesitate to contact the customer services team if you have specific questions and we will do our best to resolve them.

We hope that you and your staff stay well and that we can resume our normal service soon.

01/02/2021 Carlsberg Marston's Brewing Company dispense management in lockdown

For dispense equipment click here.

For Draughtmaster M20 please click here.

27/01/2021 Asahi policy for credits using the Return Your Beer (RYB) scheme.

Please click here to read the full policy.

26/01/21 Updates from Coca Cola on soft drinks dispense units.

Please click here for shut down process guidance.

Please click here for re opening guidance.

20/01/2021 Update from Molson Coors for keg and cask handling

Please click here for the latest update.

19/01/2021 - Stock management update from Budweiser

Please click here for the latest updates.

18/01/2021 - Stock Management Update from Heineken

Following the recent Government guidance on hospitality sector trading restrictions, we wanted to share some detail on the process to manage your out of date stock.
Please take a moment to digest the detail below which we hope gives clear guidelines on the action required.
Registering Out of Date Stock
We will once again be using the BBPA's cross-industry solution Returnyourbeer.co.uk to process any claims.
Pubs and bars with spoilt beer in their cellars can access the platform by visiting www.ReturnYourBeer.co.uk via mobile, tablet or computer and creating a profile. Once their profile has been created, they can follow guidance and instructions on the platform to seek the necessary permission from their wholesaler and brand owner to destroy their beer. If you have used the site previously you can use your existing profile. Using this platform to record destruction will enable duty to be claimed back by brewers and the correct credit to be issued to customers.
The website will be available to use to report Heineken products from 18th January 2021.
Once registered, the system will keep you updated on the progress of any claims.
You only need to register once and can place claims across all participating brewer's brands. For Diageo products, please go to the mydiageo.com site and any they will handle these claims directly.
What can be claimed?
Full Credit will be issued for any approved un-opened kegs or casks only. Please note the system will allow you to log opened kegs but these applications will be refused.
At this stage, HUK will only review and authorise kegs for destruction that have a Best Before date prior to 28th February 2021 but please log all HUK, Theakstons, Lagunitas & Brixton kegs with a BBE date prior to 30th April; if lock down continues we will review our position regarding additional tranches of stock and confirm to you at the time. If you do have kegs that you have previously registered as ullage, please do NOT re register these via ReturnYourBeer.co.uk as these will be managed separately.
It is vitally important that you do not dispose of any draught beer and cider without the permission of HEINEKEN. We cannot give any credit for, or replace, beer or cider that has been disposed of without permission.
Beer Destruction
Where kegs are authorised for destruction by HUK, you must additionally apply for permission to destroy beer with your local water wholesaler. Where this is not forthcoming, or destruction on site is not possible (e.g. no connection to sewer) please contact your wholesaler to discuss uplift.
If you are a Smart Dispense customer, you will receive an additional communication stating the preferred process for beer destruction
Please do visit www.thepubcollective.co.uk where a wealth of information is regularly updated with ideas, tools and training you might find useful.
Yours Sincerely,
The Heineken Team

06/01/2021 On-Trade Update from Heineken

Ordering and Deliveries

Given the significant impact on our logistics network, we will continue to deliver to wholesale customers, but we will be asking for some flexibility in delivery days where required. Your support is very much appreciated. Please continue to order via your usual method.

We also commit to providing you with as much information as possible through the Pub Collective website to support you with your business planning.

Technical Services

Maintenance visits will continue to be available throughout lockdown where required.

Innserve will contact those with installation work planned to make appropriate arrangements. New requests will still be accepted through the standard process via your sales contact and planned in consultation with you.

Smart dispense customers will receive a separate and more detailed communication with all the relevant information in due course. In the meantime, please visit the Pub Collective website for details on shut down procedures should you need them.

Stock in Cellar

We are now reviewing the most appropriate approach to any un-broached kegs which go out of stock as a result of this period of lockdown and will be in touch with further communication when we have this detail.

Can we ask that you take no immediate action regarding out of date stock in cellars at this time until we select the most appropriate next steps which we will communicate as promptly as possible.

To preserve stock which will remain in date, please visit the Pub Collective which offers advice on keeping your un-broached containers fresh while closed.



We want to continue to support our customers as much as we can, so if your business meets the safe and legal trading criteria from the government, we are ready to take your orders from 10am -2pm each day, or order on line whenever it suits you. We will have adjusted delivery days; we will confirm with you when that will be with your order acknowledgement.

All departments within the business have Safe Operating Procedures and are fully committed to the ongoing obligations we all have and we must be aware the virus is still potentially a threat to health and the part we play in its control.

Once again it is the safety of you, the customer, our staff, and the wider community that is extremely important to us and forms the basis on which we have made our policies. We will continue to listen to government advice on safe practices and make any further adjustments as needed.

We will be providing a door to door delivery service and we will be ensuring the safety of our staff by using single man deliveries. Whilst they off load goods please follow social distancing rules and stay at least 2 meters away.

We thank all our customers for working with us in this difficult time, and again, we hope by following all guidelines we can resume normal service soon.
Call 01747 827030 or order on line at nectar.net


From Wednesday 16th December we will be manning the phones from 9am - 3pm until further notice. Don't forget if you need to place an order outside these hours just jump on line and you can order 24 /7

Log in here



Further to previous communications regarding the uplift and crediting of out of date cask, I would like to confirm our revised position in light of the recent lockdown and subsequent introduction of the revised tier system.

  • Full credit will be offered on all unbroached keg and cask beers, whether held in depot or outlet, with a BBD date after 05/11/2020
  • No credit, duty or otherwise, will be offered on broached keg or cask beers
  • Beer to be returned and credited using the standard ullage process

Uplifts will be coordinated once stock has passed it's BBD as we remain hopeful, given the longer shelf life on keg products and the potential for a relaxation in the tiers over the festive period, that stock will sell through.


A message from Budweiser - who are incredibly excited to launch its new Save Pub Life campaign - and just in time for Christmas!

As traditions go, Christmas is usually the busiest time of year for the hospitality sector, but we know it won't be quite the same this year as Britain's pubs have closed their doors as part of a nationwide lockdown. So, we want to share some cheer with a festive relaunch of Save Pub Life, which will run 20th November to 24th December ! To encourage people to do their Christmas shopping with local businesses, Budweiser Brewing Group UK&I will give those who buy a gift card for their loved ones a matching gift card - on us.

We believe in Bringing People together for a Better World, and a Save Pub Life voucher is the perfect way to tell your loved one that you miss them and can't wait to see them over a beer as soon as we are able to.

How does it work this time?

  • Consumers buy their friend or family a gift card for Christmas for a pub of their choice.
  • Budweiser Brewing Group UK&I will match this gift card and gift it back to the consumer - as the perfect Christmas present!
  • What's even better? The pub receives the cash for both gift cards now.
  • In the spirit of Christmas, the purchaser and recipient can redeem their gift cards and enjoy a beer together when the trade re-opens.

If you previously took part in our Save Pub Life campaign earlier this year, our central team will be contacting you directly to confirm your participation and check that all your bank and payment details are correct. If you are new to Save Pub Life, you can register your interest to participate via the link below. From there, our central team will be in contact with any relevant confirmations and next steps.

New customer sign up link -https://savepublife.typeform.com/to/yKM6IU5O

Once you have been onboarded by our dedicated Save Pub Life team, we have a plethora of social media assets for you to share across your channels, which can be found under the following link. Please note that we have provided options including some of our most-loved non-alcoholic beer brands in order encourage responsible drinking. On top of this, we've also attached some suggested copy to be posted alongside these assets.

Social Media Assets - https://we.tl/t-tIIBYQabFb

For any queries, please feel free to direct all your questions to our central Save Pub Life team at moc/liamg//moc/efilbupevas.

16/11/2020 Guinness News! For all Diageo customers

With the current lockdown and continued disruption faced by pubs, bars and restaurants in the run up to Christmas, Diageo remains committed to providing support to our customers and is focused on maintaining the quality of Guinness.

Throughout the crisis, Diageo have actively supported the GB On Trade, initially pledging £1m to support bartenders in the Free Trade. This was then followed up with our Kegs Return programme, where we safely retrieved over 150,000 kegs from cellars and depots across GB and ensured that our beer remained as fresh as possible when the trade reopened in July 2020. Most recently Diageo launched 'Raising The Bar'. In the UK this is a commitment from Diageo to provide pubs and bars with £30m of support, and already 24,000 outlets have benefited through delivery of 23,000 hand sanitisers stations, 14,000 PPE kits and over 600 mobile bars.

We are delighted to announce that Diageo will continue to support the Trade through our Keg Return programme via MyDiageo. This will be offered to all customers who are currently unable to trade due to the current Government restrictions and have Diageo beer with a BBE date ahead of the Trade re-opening on the 2nd of December 2020.

Register now at www.MyDiageo.com. The programme will open over the next few weeks, we will send an update via email to all accounts registered at MyDiageo. We will continue to work closely with our route to market partners to ensure we reimburse you as quickly as we can. Please do not dispose of kegs yet as we will send further instruction via MyDiageo.

For any queries please contact our MyDiageo team on 0845 751 5101 or via email at mydiageosupport@diageotrade.co.uk

09/11/2020 Customer Services Revised Opening Hours

During this lockdown period the phones in the customer services team will be manned from 9am - 3pm. You can place orders on line any time of day or night.

We will review the opening times towards the end of the month and as always keep you posted.

06/11/20 Important customer information from Molson Coors

Please read the following letter for information, support details and an update on their position on returning beers.

05/11/20 Lockdown Service Amendments

Whilst, under certain conditions, the on trade can find ways to continue its trading activity in some format we are all aware there is still an ongoing risk to public health.

We want to continue to support you as much as we can, so if your business meets the safety criteria from the government, we are ready to take your orders.

Please click here for our risk assessment summary which has been carried out across all operating areas of the business. The safety of you, the customer, our staff, and the wider community is extremely important to us and forms the basis on which we have made our changes and have amended our policies accordingly. We will continue to listen to government advice on safe practices and make any further adjustments as needed.

All departments within the business have Safe Operating Procedures and are fully committed to the ongoing obligations we all have and we must be aware the virus is still potentially a threat to health and the part we play in its control.

If you wish to place an order, then please use your online account or telesales on the usual number 01747 827030.

We will be providing a door to door delivery service and we will be ensuring the safety of our staff by using single man deliveries. Whilst they off load goods we ask you observe the social distancing rules of keeping at least 2 meters away from them.

We are aiming to turn your orders around as quickly as possible; our customer services team will contact you to advise exact delivery arrangements.

We thank all our customers for working with us in this difficult time, and again, we hope by following all guidelines we can resume normal service soon. We will keep you posted on any new developments through our usual channels.

04/11/20 Budweiser Line Clean Instructions

Alongside their November lockdown update, Budweiser have also provided line clean instructions which can be found here.

03/11/20 Budweiser Brewing Group COVID Update
Budweiser have published an update during the November lockdown. Access the update here.

03/11/20 Nectar Stock Returns Policy

We are trying to assist customers for goods supplied by Nectar before the 1st November 2020. Click here to view our policy.

03/11/20 The Cask Marque Guide to Bar and Cellar Closure Process

The Cask Marque Guide have set out a process to ensure draught dispense systems, bar and cellar equipment and your premises are kept in optimum condition throughout the closure and will minimise issues when reopening. Read the guide here.

31/07/20: Destruction of beer - MARSTONS DEADLINE FOR CLAIMS

As of midnight on 31st August 2020 Marstons will no longer accept any NEW claims. All claims registered before this date will be validated and processed in the normal way. There will be an announcement through the BBPA and website.


A letter from Heineken on the disposal of beer and the need to act before the end of July if this affects you whilst there are emergency disposal rules in place.

Read the letter here.


Whilst we have been given the green light to open the trade on 4th July under certain conditions, we are all aware there is still an ongoing risk to public health.
Please click here for our risk assessment summary which has been carried out across all operating areas of the business. The safety of you, the customer, our staff and the wider community is extremely important to us and forms the basis on which we have made our changes and have amended our policies accordingly. We will continue to listen to government advice on safe practices and make any further adjustments as needed.
All departments within the business have Safe Operating Procedures and are fully aware of the ongoing obligations we all have to be aware the virus is still potentially a threat to health and the part we play in its control.


Peak Times

During peak times we are seeing 5,000 people per hour trying to log in at the same time, which is resulting in users experiencing slow load and login times. The site is especially busy between 10am-3pm, so if you are struggling to access your account and log your kegs please try again outside of these times.

New Products & Brewers

We are onboarding new brewers & products regularly. If you are waiting for a brewer to join, please keep an eye on our Participating Brewers page.

Please note: Not all brewers will be joining this platform and may have their own processes in place.

Request For More Information

Last week we updated you on the different statuses for your claim. If your claim has been updated to the "Request For More Info" status, it means the brewers need to check and confirm some information before they can approve your claim. Please be patient, someone from the brewer will contact you to discuss the information required and you will then be able to go in and edit your claim.

Keg Disposal & Water Restrictions

We are aware that some people are being given deadlines from their water suppliers to dispose of the beer even though their claim has not yet been approved or are not allowed to destroy the beer due to sewerage restrictions. If this is affecting you, please contact your supplier/brewer for further guidance.

Finally, with regards to credit, claim approval or keg disposal, please contact your brewer or supplier directly. Our technical support team are unable to help with these and can only assist with technical enquiries. Thank you for your patience and continued support


Now that the trade has a date to work towards the full government guidance can be found here outlining the safe practices to adopt https://bit.ly/2VqXpub

Get ready for your re-opening!

Budweiser Drinks Dispense is Budweiser's new in-house technical team assigned to help you re-open your bars and restaurants as a reopening day is approaching. They will proactively visit accounts when needed to perform checks on coolers, gas systems, dispense lines and equipment function where Budweiser is the cooler owner and principal brewer. Click here to read more.

Great beer brands sit with Lion Littleworld Beverages and they have support packages here to help you get back on track.
Free beer deals, new for old kegs as well as support for outside bars and staff tastings.
Take a look at the information here for Fourpure and here for Magic Rock.


If you are looking for information on the return of spoilt beer due to the on trade shut down please click here for more information.

We are collating the necessary paperwork for those brewers who are not in the scheme and they will be available to download shortly.

The full press release about the Returnyourbeer website can be read here.


Thatchers have launched a great initiative to help bars get up and running when they are allowed to resume business. They are working with us to send out a free 50 litre keg of Thatchers cider to free trade customers as close as possible to the date the government announces that pubs and bars can reopen and they are also supporting this with free POS, sales support and cellar advice.

Read their pledge here for the full details of this great offer.


If you have Hartridges post mix on site please read the attached instructions to make sure the product is at it's best when we re open to the public.


We are aware that on Friday, 27 March, HMRC announced a relaxation to the rules on cellar destruction with 'immediate effect'. Whilst we support the principle of this measure our message to outlets and depots is: please do NOT dispose of the liquid yourself until advised further.

This is crucially important for several reasons:

1.Health & Safety

2.Protecting the Environment

3.Ensuring the replenishment of unopened keg stock, as we have committed, we will do for you.

The disposal of beer is a complex process and we are working on a solution to safeguard all of the above, both within our business and with the advice of our partners, including close liaison with the British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA). This includes engaging with and receiving further details on the practicalities of this procedure from HMRC. Our absolute priority is the safety of you and your bar staff. There are significant Health & Safety implications from non-qualified individuals attempting to undertake this task.

We will provide detailed guidance on what to do next as soon as we can and will continue to stay in touch with you on all relevant matters as the situation develops. All solutions we suggest will be geared towards helping you prepare in the best possible way for the reopening of the On-Trade when the time comes.

Any small pack product (packaged beer) will have a longer shelf life and as such we will not be offering sale or return on this stock. This can be continued to be sold for at home consumption should you wish, or alternatively this can be stored until a future point at which your outlet is able to resume normal trading.

We hope you and your families continue to stay healthy. In the meantime, please feel free to get in touch with your account manager if you have any questions or concerns

Kind regards

Simon George

Managing Director


Please click here for details of the support Budweiser are offering to the trade. They are also working on tools and information that they will be passing through to the on trade as we come out of the current social distancing restrictions and we will communicate these to you as it happens. Please watch this space!


Follow the link for the latest support package from Britvic, including free staff training as well as advice and key information.



Good news! We've extended our home delivery service over the following areas, so check your postcode here and see if we deliver to you! https://bit.ly/2JKpQWh
Radstock, Shepton Mallet, Wells, Glastonbury, Castle Cary, Wincanton, Bruton, Frome, Westbury, Trowbridge, Bradford on Avon to name but a few!


To help support our UK hospitality colleagues, @camparigroupuk have launched the Shaken Not Broken Fund with a starting donation of £100,000.

This is powered by @wearetipjar and administered by @drinks_trust. The new fund will support those most in-need across the hospitality industry focusing on three main areas; financial aid, well being support and educational grants. It is a nation-wide community initiative focusing on city centres and surrounding areas, for instance London's surrounding areas being the Home Counties.

I'm sure you may well have your own variations of support but if not and you would like to get involved and donate to front-line hospitality workers in your local community, join us by donating to a virtual tipjar in your area and sharing the message using #ShakenNotBroken.

To donate visit: https://www.wearetipjar.com/shakennotbrokenfund/.
To apply for support, anyone working in UK hospitality can visit:

We are excited to say that we are now able to make home deliveries in Bath and Bristol to make our fantastic range available to all in this time of difficulty. We aim to provide a safe and hassle free service delivering within 2-5 working days. Simply check to see if we cover your postcode and start shopping! Cheers to that! https://bit.ly/2JKpQW


The warehouse can take orders before 11am for same day collection - get your orders in!


If you live in striking distance of nectar HQ then we have our new Click and Collect service available. Simply follow the home page link and sign in to access the entire range at Nectar. Order before 2pm for next day collection - safe and hassle free. #heretohelp


If you are a Carlsberg customer please read the attached letter.
If you are a Budweiser customer please read the attached process.
If you are an Asahi customer please read the attached letter.


You may find the following information useful in conjunction with your beer brand supplier instructions on the disposal of spoilt beer.



"This is an important message for outlets from a health and safety point of view and also our ability to provide you with stock when this is all over. If we get to a position where we are able to destroy stock on site it must be witnessed by an approved person.

Do NOT dispose of the liquid yourself, despite HRMC referencing "designated pub staff"

  • There are significant Health & Safety implications, from non-qualified individuals attempting to undertake this task.
  • Molson Coors (and potentially other brewers) will not be able to provide the free stock in due course, on any product, unless a member of our Dispense Service team has been on site at the outlet to carry out the destruction.

We will be in touch as soon as we can to arrange this but please bear with us given the scale and complexity of the problem."


Following the updated Government guidelines on the sale of goods to the off trade we are now able to supply off trade customers or on trade customers switching to off sales as from Monday 30th March.

If you wish to place an order then please use your on line account or telesales on the usual number 01747 827030.

Please note we are only able to supply those customers outlined above.

We will be providing a door to door delivery service and we will be ensuring the safety of our staff by using single man deliveries. Whilst they off load goods we ask you observe the social distancing rules of keeping at least 2 meters away from them.

We are aiming to turn your orders around as quickly as possible, our customer services team will contact you to advise exact delivery arrangements.

We thank all our customers for working with us in this difficult time, and again, we hope by following all guidelines we can resume normal service in the near future.We will keep you posted on any new developments through our usual channels.


The safety and wellbeing of our customers, colleagues and communities is of paramount importance and, following the announcement on 23rd March delivered by the PM Boris Johnson, we are fully supporting the social distancing measures to slow down the transfer of Coronavirus (Covid-19) in the wider community.

To do this, we have taken the decision that key Nectar staff will be working remotely from home and the office is closed.

By slowing the pace of infections, we hope to play our part in relieving the pressure on the NHS which is working on our behalf to help as many people as possible.

Therefore, our operations which primarily service the on trade, are suspended for 3 weeks from today 25th March 2020.

While our working situation has changed, we are here for you if you need us.

Our sales office staff and field sales team are working remotely so are ready to answer any questions you may have. Other departments that you contact, such as credit control department, are also working remotely should you need to contact them please call 01747 827030.

We will keep you up to date with developments as they occur. These will be posted online and on social media, please follow the links below. On our website Coronavirus update page, you can click the links through to government guidance as well as industry news which you may find helpful.

We hope everyone stays safe and that by taking these measures collectively it will help us all return to what we know soonest; we wish you well in this difficult time.

Nigel Read

Head of Operations



For venues which normally supply draught beer, that had to close, it's vital that the draught lines and dispense kit are cleaned. A guide from Morgenrot. Click here for info.

For closure procedures you may find this document from Asahi useful.

Customers using Heineken Smart dispense products click here

And for Heineken standard dispense click here

16/03/2020: SERVICE UPDATE

Here at Nectar we just wanted to let you know in our own words where we are with the Coronavirus.

Firstly, we feel we are in this together and we have the utmost sympathy for everyone caught up in this situation. The pressure that the current social restrictions have on our joint businesses is huge, and with no specific end date, it's very daunting.

Our top priority must be the safety and well-being of everyone, our family and friends as well as our staff, colleagues and customers. We are following all government advice as its communicated each day to ensure we are taking the right precautions, but we will continue to be here at HQ ready to talk to you about your business; that support is the foundation of Nectar's customer service.

We still have staff taking your calls, processing your orders and making deliveries as scheduled. Whilst we have asked our field sales team to work from home, they are all still accessible so if you have specific concerns or questions then they are there to support you in the same way. Because the situation is fluid and unpredictable, don't forget you can use online ordering which can process your orders no matter the time of day or night.

To date there has been no impact on the supply of goods to us, so you should be able to get what you need without any difficulty. As the situation progresses and we can see issues we will keep you posted. We are talking to our suppliers daily who are also affected by this crisis to ensure we are doing everything we can for you and an uninterrupted service.

So, although these are quite unrecognisable times, in effect we are working on business as usual for those who need us to deliver goods.

We are here to talk to those who are facing difficulties, and we are in daily discussions as a Nectar team to respond to the situation on the ground.

We genuinely hope that this is a short-term crisis and that things can return to normal very soon.

Check out the links below to get useful information and all the latest news on Coronavirus:

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