Exquisite drinks from distilled botanicals

The London Essence Company creates luxurious drinks, with purest flavours derived from quality ingredients. An ensemble of botanicals is artfully selected by flavour experts, and gently distilled until their true essence is captured. The result is a premium mixer that doesn't cloak the flavour of the spirit it accompanies, but rather accentuates it.

Their luxe mixer collection has grown to include tonics, sodas and lemonade and gingers, each delicately light and low in calories, without an artificial sweetener in sight. Instead, every product delivers a thoughtfully calibrated taste profile, designed to enhance a premium spirit, or present an exquisite standalone drinking experience.

Freshly Infused

London Essence Company's pioneering dispense system, Freshly Infused, provides significant sustainability benefits for outlets and beyond with 99% less packaging which reduces water usage and haulage space for transportation, with all the associated impacts.

Additionally, transitioning to dispense could free up substantial fridge and cellar space for operators.

The elegant stainless-steel design features an impressive whirling vortex that will instantly captivate your guests. Freshly Infused allows guests to experience something new, refreshing, and exciting. More than just an elegant addition to your bar, Freshly Infused will elevate classic mixed drinks, cocktails and soft drinks with finesse and flair.

How does it work?

Freshly Infused uses a patented micro-dosing technology to gently infuse distilled botanicals into perfectly carbonated chilled filtered water at the point of serve.

Their innovative draught system has been created to elevate premium drinking experiences, for customer with high volumes lines delivering exceptional quality, operational simplicity, and improved sustainability.
Their latest system now allows for a selection of up to eight flavours which can also be customised by customer.

Available flavours:

Tonics Collection: The Tonic Water Collection is the teams passionate speciality. Versatile, citrus-centric and carefully carbonated, tonic water is the ideal accompaniment to any number of spirits and syrups.

Crafted Soda's: As well as their perfectly balanced, triple-filtered Soda Water, they are pleased to offer a unique collection of Crafted Sodas and Lemonade.

Other: The mixers in this collection are derived from ginger in several forms. This enables experts to extract flavours that vary in depth and richness.

Call the sales office on 01747 827030 or email ku/oc/reebihasa//selasratcen

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