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An evening of poetry, food, drink and fun, people across the world celebrate the memory of Scotland's bard, Robert Burns, by holding Burns Suppers on and around his birthday, the 25th January. It's something any lover of Scotland should experience at least once in their life and whether you're above the wall or not, consider your current Scottish whisky selection and see if any of these fine whiskies would be a fantastic new addition?!


Exuberant, wild and free, with one foot on the land, one in the sea. 

Talisker is the oldest Single Malt Scotch Whisky made by the sea on the shores of the Isle of Skye, one of the most remote, rugged, yet beautiful landscapes in Scotland. Few whiskies tell the story of their origin better than Talisker. Its smell and taste instantly connect the drinker with the rugged environment - like a warm welcome from a wild sea. It's a powerhouse; challenging but adored; once discovered rarely left. 






Oban forms a frontier between the Highlands and the Islands, both geographically and also in terms of the character of the single malt. The distillery uses water from Loch Glenn a'Bhearraidh in its production and is one of a very few distilleries in Scotland still using the traditional "worm tubs", which are placed outside of the still house.


Obans 14 Year Old Single Malt is a whisky that has been described as having a "West Highland" flavour that falls between the dry, smoky style of the Scottish islands and the lighter, sweeter malts of the Highlands. Enjoy it during a foodie evening as it works well as an accompaniment to seafood like oysters or smoked salmon, and discover new depths of flavour.





The biggest, the most intense, the definitive. Lagavulin is matured for at least 16 years; totally character building. After all, such intense flavour isn't created overnight.

Miles and miles of peat bog in the west of the island provide the raw material which imbues the barley with that distinct smoky flavour. Not to mention the rich peaty water that runs down the brown burn from the Solan Lochs and into the distillery. In case you haven't figured it out, the smoky, peated Lagavulin is seen as the ultimate expression of this region and just perfect for supping by a roaring fire.

Make the climb and you'll be rewarded with a warm welcome.

Made in the highest and coldest working distillery in Scotland, with water from a loch at 2000 feet, Dalwhinnie whisky thrives on extreme conditions - creating a liquid as sweet and accessible as its highland home is remote.

Try Diageo's bartender's choice of cocktails - Spiced Green Tea to warm the cockle of a cold January eve. Use green tea's tannins to offset the honey sweet centre of Dalwhinnie's 15 Year Old and create a crowd-pleasing cocktail to keep your guests guessing.


Wherever you fancy taking your customers in Scotland through one (or more) of these delicious whiskies, raise a dram to Robert Burns and celebrate in style.

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