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With more craft brewers putting their beer into cans, canned beers and ciders are seeing something of a renaissance! Our collection has grown over the past year, here we've highlighted some of the latest names to join the canned crew.

Our new Canned Beer and Cider brochure should be dropping through your door, but here's a sneaky preview!


Jumping on to our shelves... a four can line up from Hop Stuff Brewery.

Hop Stuff believe craft beer should be for everyone, whether that be founder James' grandma, a craft aficionado or a green bottle beer drinker. Craft beer is about embracing flavour and enjoying the company of others, so they're hugely proud of this core range that satisfies these ends.

The range spans flavours and ABV's that will please anyone from craft connoisseurs to stalwart lager drinkers. Renegade IPA is an award winning American style IPA with passion fruit and lychee flavours bursting from Cascade and Citra hops. In contrast, Unfiltered Pilsner marries the tastes of honey, fresh lemon and spice creating a naturally hazy and incredibly tasty brew. Whilst the Arsenal Pale Ale and Four Hour Session IPA are inspired by Hop Stuff's birth place on the Royal Arsenal, where WWII ammunition manufacturers once sought morale (on breaks) with lower ABV beers.

They (and we) can't wait for you to try these beers and enjoy them as much as we do.

Alphabet Brewing Company is an independent brewery from Manchester, they brew modern beer styles with high-definition flavour and aroma.

A to the K is a dangerous beer. Packed full of fresh hop bitterness and tempered with tropical fruit flavours makes it very drinkable. A pilsner for the people Hoi Polloi is delicious and golden with bags of spicy Saaz hops for aroma and bitterness. Flat White is what every hipster worth his beard should be drinking for breakfast. Coffee, milk and oats are combined with malt goodness. Whilst Charlie don't Surf; he does like to kick back with an easy-going beer. This session IPA is packed full of Antipodean hops with a nice bitter finish. 


In years gone by cold lagers and golden ales were the beers of choice for long, hot summer evenings, but more recently the sight of sun has heralded a clamour for India Pale Ales.

Originally brewed to accompany British colonists on the journey to Asia, they were a little stronger than the standard beers of the day and packed a hoppier punch, perfect for quenching the thirst of the merry sailors and the Brits desperately waiting for their beer fix at the other end.

Having drifted out of fashion, fully flavoured IPA's were revived by American brewers who saw the drink as the perfect style for their refreshingly fruity hops. These days virtually every brewery includes at least one IPA within their repertoire, selecting hops from all over the world to show off their bitter craft.

Big Hug Brewing and Ilkley Brewery offer a great British selection, or if something from a far is desired try Lonerider, Stone Brewing, Tailgate or Yeastie Boys' IPAs.


Light, clean and endlessly refreshing these classic styles are perfect for summer.

In brewing lager, there's nowhere to hide. Any fault, shortcut or compromise will show and that's the challenge that craft brewers are rising to in 2017, mastering the challenge of delicately flavouring beers as much as producing beers with big bold flavours.

Try our latest additions to the crew with Sadler's Brewing Co, Harviestoun, Meantime, Estrella, HOBO Beer & Co and Pistonhead.

Pilsners, like Big Hug's Bruno and Berliner, are among the most difficult to beers to brew. Their golden hue, brilliant clarity, subtle flavour and crisp finish show a spotlight on even the slightest flaws in the brewing process but on the flip side show off the ingredients to the maximum.



The world's first Hefeweizen with grapefruit. Schofferhofer is an extra light wheat beer that is easy drinking. It pours a gorgeous pinky-orange and packed full of pink grapefruit flavours. 


A stout is a beer that became popular among 18th century London river porters and was, for a while, the most guzzled style in the land. Over the years the style has been adapted to include numerous dark variations with Yeastie Boys' PKB, Tailgate Peanut Butter Milk Stout and Harviestoun's Old Engine Oil highlighting fun brewers are having with flavours.

Or if a craft classic in a can is what you're looking for these pale ales are some of our most popular! Light, hoppy, tropical and refreshing - just a few words to describe some of our new additions: 12th of Never,  Tiny Rebel's Cali or Cwtch and Crazy Mountain brewing's Mountain Livin'.

Not so long ago cider was all about ice but now much of the buzz surrounding
this refreshing drink is about craft and cans. Cider makers are craftsmen and
women, who would say perfecting the craft of cider is part science, part art - Friels cider is a fantastic example of experimenting with apples and hops!

Craft cider is often described as having authenticity, heritage, provenance and substance behind it and, importantly, it is a product that represents cider making at its best. Many place emphasis on the use of fresh juice rather than concentrate with great pride being taken in this difference. 

Taste fruits of our English countryside with Cornish Orchards, Thatcher's Stan's, Westons' Festival cider cans and HOBO East Coast Cyder, or try Orchard Thieves and Kopparberg from afar.

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