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The cider market is tapping into all the right trends, think pink, think premium, think inventive branding. In particular, the momentum of fruity cider isn't set to slow any time soon.

We've collected some of our favourite ciders in this brochure for you to consider this summer, from all points - north, south, east and west. Both old and new, some great brands are on our list, including Sheppy's, Orchard Pig, Hunts, Cornish Orchards, Hawkes, Westons and Tempted.


Established in 2011, the Curious Brewery believes in trying to create things that others can't.

Made by winemakers from Chapel Down, their Curious Apple cider is a pure expression of Kent from apples sourced from the Garden of England, which are then fermented in tanks at the winery using Bacchus wine yeast to preserve the aromatic, delicate, crisp flavour.

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It was 1904 when Thatchers cider was first produced at Myrtle Farm. Their cidermakers marry traditional techniques with modern technology to create ciders that are smooth, fresh and full of flavour.

Thatchers Haze is a cloudy premium cider bursting with apple flavour. It's crafted with a range of eating apples to create its crisp, sweet finish. It's the juice of the Jonagold apple that brings a naturally cloudy appearance to this chilled cider.

New to our shelves, and tapping into all the right trends, Thatchers Rose is made with a blend of naturally sweet, rosy-red dessert apples to create a delicious sparkling cider. 

Working together in the corporate world, Al and Jim hatched a plan over lunch to escape the rat race and follow their cider-fuelled dreams. With the craft beer revolution already well underway, they made it their mission to bring real cider back. And with that, Pulpt was born - a pioneering, independent craft cider company, pulping and pressing their apples from selected Somerset orchards. Check out the trio here: Level, Verve, Union.                


A multi award-winning craft cider producer from the heart of Devon, Sandford Orchards blend innovation and tradition to produce world class ciders. Their Devon Red cider is a perfectly balanced, refreshing medium cider, named after the rich red soil that gives their Devon orchards their distinctive quality. 


Since 2012, Norcotts Cider have been turning tastebuds upside down wherever it goes. Their range of fruit ciders are fresh, crisp and less sweet than other fruit ciders.

Based in Honiton, Devon, Norcotts only use locally sourced ingredients from the West Country - the home of cider. Check out their range here.


Colcombe House was founded in 2015, creating cider from apples grown on their single estate in Herefordshire. They use honey bees for pollination, and feed their trees with organic seaweed to help encourage growth and minimise stress. Their Willie Gunn Cloudy was even recognised at the International Cider Challenge 2018, where it won bronze.


The Hudson Valley, New York, has a long cider making tradition. Like many orchards in the area, their orchard has a long history - it's been a farm since the 1700s, and the first apple trees were planted 100 years ago. Angry Orchard are committed to bringing traditional cider varieties back to the United States. 

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