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Although we totally agree that cider isn't just a summer tipple, there's nothing like the temperature rising a few degrees to get us all in the mood for a glass of apple or fruit nectar!

With the category going from strength to strength, developing different styles, flavour infusions, apple varieties and AVB's here's a highlight of our resplendent ciders from around the country and beyond so you can offer only the best to your customers, that's also on trend! 

Meet the Millennials

Vital to the category, millennials make up 36% of cider drinkers yet only make up 29% of the adult population. Clamouring for fresh experiences that are visually exciting these consumers are driven by the new but still with a focus on quality.

In urban South Africa Sxollie means to hustle, to do the best with what you have, and end up with more than you started with! Mash the English word 'scallywag' and the Afrikaans word 'skorrie-morrie' and that's Sxollie - young, fresh and vibrant, who specialise in single variety ciders that reflect contemporary Africa.

A generation who love experimental flavours, millennials thrive on new experiences. Take Rekorderlig's NEW Botanical range, three different fruit ciders each infused with an array of botanicals that consumer's palates are now demanding. Be transported to summertime's passed with Rhubarb, Lemon and Mint, get refreshed with Peach and Basil or revel in the complexity of Grapefruit and Rosemary.


Young, vibrant and focused on quality, Cornish Orchards  transverse cider boundaries. The newest addition to their portfolio is Cornish Orchards Dry, a refined cider with a typical Westcountry character. A blend of traditional bittersweet and sharp dessert apples to give a long dry finish.

Premium Ciders

High in juice content and focused on the varieties of apples and fruit used, premium ciders lead the category - 52% of consumers drink premium cider; offer your customers the perfect balance of character and drinkability with these delectable brands.

Try Mortimer's Orchard from reputable Westons, or a special edition cider celebrating Sheppy's 200 years or the sheer quality of the Aspall range. If you're after something a little different in the premium market, sample Curious Apple brewed by renowned English winery Chapel Down or Caple Rd's full bodied sparkling cider.

Loved by All, cider is enjoyed equally by men and women.

Rooted in Somerset with character and scrumptious tannins found in West Country apples, with packaged, keg and bag-in-boxes Orchard Pig offer a fun and varied range that keeps everyone happy!

Alternatively, dive into a can of the famous fruit cider by Kopparberg, or the slightly lesser known Cidersmiths.

Apple vs. Fruit

Apple is by far the most popular and versatile flavour of cider amongst cider drinkers; 78% of cider drinkers will drink apple cider.

However, not to be forgotten, fruit ciders are flourishing with 4 out of the top 5 packaged ciders currently being fruit flavoured variants, offering a refreshing and light alternative to apple. Our apple favourites come from Somerset, Devon in the shape of Thatchers and Sandford Orchards. Thatchers offer a range of products that will appeal to many different demographics.


 In cider, craft translates more to 'rooted in tradition' in comparison to craft beer. Craft cider lovers will look for strong orchard credentials from key producing areas. Be Tempted with Ireland's offering or stay closer to home with Hazy Hog and Kingstone Press.

What ciders do your customer want?

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