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2018 is here, the Christmas decorations are down and it's back to reality....

With over 2 million people nationwide taking part in #DryJanuary in 2017, now's the time to reassess your non-alcoholic stock and try something new... after all they do say 'New Year. New You!'


Top of your 'New' list is Square Root London, small batch sodas handmade in Hackney and I can assure you, they're delicious!

Plus, they're made using fresh ingredients, juiced or infused by Square Root, by hand, and all contain around a third less sugar than your average bottle of fizzy pop! The sugars they do add are all either made from sugar beet grown on British farms, or ethically sourced, fairly traded cane sugars produced at source by farmers in Mauritius. So for those customer wanting a drink that goes the extra mile, we've got four of their range ready to try now.


With the turn of the new year, health and ethics are at the forefront of people's minds. Encourage these resolutions through Lemonaid and ChariTea, where drinking really does help!

Each bottle of Lemonaid and ChariTea contains only organic ingredients and is Fairtrade-certified. Changing the world, drop by drop both branches put their money back into social projects in their ingredient growing regions, so far they've raised more than 2 million euros, so that amongst other things, local farmers can afford to make improvements to their own living conditions and implement community projects within their area.

Not forgetting how tasty these sparkling fruit juices and teas are!


The healthier drinks trend will only grow this year as we see the introduction of the sugar tax in April. With this in mind, Dalston's Drinks have been working tirelessly on their soda formula to make sure taste and flavour isn't compromised when moving their sugar content from 8g to 5g per 100ml. Their new cans, introduced in 2017, have been a hit with all establishments and with a new line of drinks due out later this year they're becoming leaders in craft sodas.


"We'd seen what was happening across the new wave of premium food and drinks and felt soda was rather neglected.  We wanted to bring about a revolution in taste and quality, so we got busy and built a company from the ground up - working with growers and suppliers to source excellent quality, honest ingredients that transform the taste of soda drinks," adds Duncan O'Brien, Founder of Dalston's.


Tantalise those doing #DryJanuary with a sumptuous soft drink from our portfolio.



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