The Six Nations is one of the biggest events in the sporting calendar and is a crucial driver of footfall to pubs and bars.

Last year it contributed to a 32% increase in drink sales (CGA); with that in mind, here's our guide to making the most of the tournament.

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

The secret to success seems simple; get lots of people in and then make sure they buy everything they want as easily as possible. However, in a very crowded, indoor environment this can be a challenge.

Spread the word - Any advance publicity is beneficial. If you want people to watch rugby in your bar, make it as clear as possible that you are showing the tournament, especially on social media. According to GO Technology data, nearly half (48%) of consumers now use social media to find restaurant and bar recommendations, which can be used to generate advance table bookings, promote events, and increase the uptake of special offers.

Ensure experienced bar staff are working the key games - This appears obvious, but it is easily miscalculated. Make sure they are well briefed about the areas they will be covering and their responsibilities, as every second saved on service is extremely valuable.

Screens are very important - According to FANZO 'good quality screens' are the number one factor fans are looking for when choosing a venue to watch live sport. Ensure that your setup is top-notch and that screens are strategically placed around your venue to provide customers with a high-quality viewing experience.

Easy payments - When it comes to purchasing, customers want speed and convenience, so consider using contactless payment methods to ensure fast-paced transactions. If your customers prefer to pay in cash, round up the prices of your key products to prices that require less complicated change calculations. For example, price all pint sales in full pounds or fifty pence increments.

Swift serve solutions -Offering shared drinks in multi-pint pitchers or bottle buckets are effective ways to get more drinks in more hands quickly. It's a great way to create multi-buy offers (e.g. "5 bottles of Asahi Super Dry for £"). Just make sure your glass collectors return them to the bar for reuse.

Merchandise and POS - Good POS can help make any bar match fit. We're offering select customers free London Pride POS kits containing everything you need to entice Rugby Fans into your bar. Speak to our customer service team or your local account manager to find out more.

Create a unique atmosphere

Sports fans visiting the on-trade are looking for a buzz, shared camaraderie and rich sounds that make them feel like they're in the moment. Something they can't easily replicate at home.

Seating matters - Because it's the winter seating space will be at a premium. Consider introducing prebooking and table service for the tournament's opening, final weekend, and key matchups. This will reassure customers that they'll have a good view of the action.

VIP option- For a more premium experience run customer competitions to win prime viewing locations. You could call it the "VIP table" and offer complimentary service and offers.

Serve a winning line-up of drinks

It's not all about the sport - you've got to get the basics right too. Sports fans spend on average £30 per visit, so it's important to stock a high-quality selection of drinks.

  • According to YouGov, 42% of rugby fans choose beer when watching a game, underlying the unique relationship between the sport and beverage. However, due to the rising cost of living and the growth in mindful drinking customers are choosing quality over quantity. Tempt them into trading up to more premium pours, such as Peroni Nastro Azzurro, Guinness or Asahi Super Dry.

  • Don't undersell Cask Ale. It's a unique on-trade offering that can't be reproduced to the same high quality and freshness anywhere else. Premiumise your range with trusted brands and offer a variety of styles to appeal to a wide variety of customers.

  • Think beyond beer; CGA Data suggests that 37% of consumers opt for cocktails when out for drinks, our app's Mix it Up selection has a variety of great recipes to help you shake up something special. Plus, you can order all the ingredients for your favourite serves with a click. Click here to download and log in using your account details to start shopping!

Whatever you decide to do Nectar is here to help deliver a Grand Slam for your business!

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