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Kate, our Soft Drinks buyer's picks of the month are the refreshing cold-pressed juices from Rejuce.

Founder Thomas Fletcher, a disgruntled chef who hated having to throw away perfectly good food, decided to learn more about the wider problem of food waste. In 2012 he created Rejuce. Their mission is to work with farmers and supply chains to reduce food waste by turning ugly fruit and wonky veg into delicious cold pressed juice. To date they've saved over 150 tonnes of fruit and veg from going to landfill. 

These juices from Rejuce are full of flavour, refreshing and healthy. Never from concentrate, no nasty ingredients, no powders - always fresh ingredients.


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Double Dutch Ginger Ale

Double Dutch Ginger Ale



It's the unique blend of natural ginger with a touch of cardamon that... Read on

Double Dutch Indian Tonic Cans

Delicate and soft with a slightly fruity finish, the lower notes have been... Read on

Double Dutch Skinny Tonic Cans

With 60% fewer calories than the classic variety, this zesty and rewarding low... Read on

Double Dutch Watermelon & Cucumber Cans

While cucumber has a traditional affinity for gin and lighter summer fizzes, the... Read on

Finest Call Single Pressed Lemon Juice

Finest Call Single Pressed Lemon Juice is the perfect complement to the Finest... Read on

Franklin Indian Tonic Water Travel Cans

A delicate blend of sparkling Staffordshire spring water, natural cinchona bark extract from... Read on

Franklin Natural Light Tonic Cans

A low calorie variant of the award-winning Natural Indian Tonic Water, made using... Read on

Hartridges Bitter Lemon

Hartridges Bitter Lemon



A premium mixer, crisp, dry and classic. Read on

Hartridges Elderflower Tonic

A premium tonic, fresh, light and crisp tasting. Read on

Hartridges Ginger Ale

Hartridges Ginger Ale



A premium mixer with a classic dry taste with a hint of spice. Read on

Hartridges Pink Grapefruit Tonic

A fresh, zesty and unique premium tonic. Read on

Rejuce Orange, Mango, Carrot & Turmeric

A zesty kick of mixed orange juice from around the world, made using... Read on

Rejuce Rhubarb, Beetroot, Lemon & Ginger

A powerfully spiced juice full of flavour with a wealth of healthy goodness.... Read on

Rejuce Spinach, Spirulina Elderflower&Lime

A well-balanced juice that's refreshing and healthy. The elderflower hides the flavour of... Read on

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