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As Fever-Tree say, if 3/4's of your G&T is tonic, wouldn't you want to mix it with the best?!

Today's mixer market is rapidly diversifying in order to satisfy modern drinkers. Consumers don't necessarily want just a basic tonic to add to their gin, and if they do they want it to complement and work with the popular spirit. Here's a collection of our mixers that could pair perfectly with our range of gins.

began in 2003 with a meeting of minds and one simple premise: if three quarters of your G&T is the tonic, wouldn't you want it to be the best?
From the beginning, Charles and Tim approached their business in a different way - there would be no compromise at Fever-Tree. Flavour and quality were of the utmost importance. 
New kid on our bloc is Fever-Tree's Refreshingly Light Cucumber Tonic Water. Offering a delicate and fresh flavour, the light, crisp notes of cucumber essence are perfectly balanced with the gentle bitterness of their signature quinine from the fever trees of Eastern Congo. It also has 32% fewer calories than Fever-Tree Indian Tonic Water!
A fantastic service that Fever-Tree offer is their G&T Menus. A bespoke service that is proven to increase sales, simply visit Fever-Tree's menu making page here, fill in your details and the rest they do!


A Different Mix

More than just a mixer. Lixir Tonics are all about being fresh, innovative and edgy, and creating new flavour experiences with every drink. Priding themselves on being all natural, the range contains no artificial flavourings, sweeteners or added preservatives - just the good stuff.
No.1 Botanicals is the first range of single extract botanical drinks authenticated by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Harnessing the power of nature; each soda water is made from the fresh herb, carefully extracted to ensure all of the active compounds are retained inside the drink.


Long Tail mixers bring unique pairings to complement your favourite spirits. The carefully selected range of flavours are blended from natural ingredients with carbonated spring water to produce unique and balanced mixers, perfect to pair with your spirit of choice or to enjoy as soft drinks on their own.
Founded in 1886 the Franklin brothers quickly established themselves as experts in creating authentic, high quality recipes made from delicious hand-picked  ingredients. Today's range was developed to ensure the flavours are well balanced and bring out the best in spirits.


The London Essence Company uses traditional distillation techniques to create light and elegant drinks for the 21st century. The entire collection is delicately light and low in calories, with naturally sourced sweetness - no more than 20 calories per 100ml. The result is a more sophisticated flavour profile that flatters discerning palates and allows the distinct notes of a spirit partner to shine through.

Non Alcoholic G&Ts
Abstinence and an awareness of health among alcohol consumers continues to shine a light on low or no alcohol drinks, and gin is no exception. 
After all, if 25% of young people class themselves as 'non-drinkers' make sure you offer a quality alternative so that they don't feel left out at the bar!
Square Root believe that everyone deserves a quality beverage, whether you're going juicy or boozy or stone cold sober. That's why they created their own top-notch non-alcoholic "Gin" and tonic.
Belvoir have created their own blend of 8 botanical extracts including juniper and elderflower along with soft, gently sparkling spring water. The result is a complex and characterful, lightly sparkling aromatic, botanical non-alcoholic Gin & Tonic like drink.


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