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Increasingly, consumers are adopting a healthier lifestyle, with many turning their backs on sugary mass-produced drinks. Over the last year we have seen the soft drinks category develop and embrace adult alternatives to alcohol whilst also tackling the sugar levy in their own ways. Producers are coming into their own with many new and innovative drinks, flavours and concepts. 

Here's a hand-picked selection of this fantastic, evolving category. View the full brochure here.

Bang on trend, and causing a stir is Kombucha the fermented tea that's good for your gut and packed full of flavour or why not try the herbaceous infused drinking vinegars of Nonsuch Shrubs for a grown up, alcohol free drink - just a couple of our deliciously different and evolving drinks from a category that packs a punch.

2018 may be the year gut-health-friendly Kombucha becomes even more popular. The once obscure fermented tea drink is now thoroughly on trend and with its new found popularity comes a coterie of small, craft brewers dedicated to next-level 'booch'. 

One such producer is JARR Kombucha who offer this delicious dose of goodness for your gut in three flavours, low in sugar and packed full of naturally occurring probiotics, antioxidants, vitamins, enzymes and amino acids. Essentially it is a living, nutrient rich drink that tastes yummy!  

Healthy Living:

Green Lady is an all natural, alcohol-free beverage; inspired by bubbly but made with Darjeeling Green Tea. Offering a depth of taste that appeals to adult sensibilities and results in a calming and premium drink. 

Feel good fuel. Not long ago you needed a ladder and a machete to get great-tasting coconut water. Now all you have to do is crack open a Vita Coco to get your taste of the tropics.
MangaJo have a bevy of natural beauties. A collection of iced teas that has no added nasties and are just as nature intended.



What's in it matters!

Fun, fresh and feisty, Dalston's bring you better sodas that have real ingredients at the heart of their drinks. There's nothing artificial, less sugar than mainstream brands and they totally deliver on that authentic, fruity taste that a real soft drink should supply. You also get 25% off this month!

Karma Cola are all about the taste and how their drinks are good for the land, good for the people who grow the ingredients and as good for you as a fizzy drink can be so you can feel good about drinking them. Fill your bar with their new Orangeade Summer this season and encourage everyone to #DrinkNoEvil.
Picked and pressed, never from concentrate, Cawston Press make juices, fruit waters and sparkling drinks for all the family. They use only the finest ingredients inspired by British kitchen gardens, simply, clean and trusted. Pick your own for a better soft drink. Enjoy their Ginger Beer that's on special offer this month, buy any two flavours and get a case of Ginger Beer free.
From the original desire to create something different, a little bit out of the ordinary, Bottlegreen have flourished. Keeping their drinks pure and natural the range of cordials, presses, tonics and sparkling infusions offers something for everyone.
Cornish Orchards are renown for their premium delicious drinks. Their fresh apple juices are bottled within 24 hours of pressing their apples and their sparkling soft drinks are blended with fresh Cornish water from their own spring - add that Cornish vibrancy today.
Never using concentrates or anything artificial Frobishers are proud makers of juices, soft drinks and smoothies. Quite simply, they know juice, natural fruit juice you can trust. 

Obsessed with flavour, Luscombe source exceptional organic fruit to perfect their recipes. Responding to consumer demand for no-added-sugar products they've created the thirst quenching sparkling waters that puts the flavoursome fruits, passionfruit, cherry and raspberry first. With a refreshing and clean taste these gently carbonated waters are simply delicious.

Some things just go well together:

Natural, low calorie, sugar free vegan adult soft drinks with a cayenne kick. Nix & Kix are ideal for cocktails, mocktails or on their own.
Franklin & Sons is an award-winning range of tonics, mixers and soft drinks first introduced in 1886. Deliciously different to other soft drinks, they are created with only a subtle carbonation to ensure they match well with food.
Crafted with love and the aim of enhancing the beautiful flavour profile of spirits Sekforde harness these flavours to create refreshing long drinks in seconds.

Fentimans have been making natural botanical drinks for over 100 years. Brewed for 7 days using the time-honoured botanical brewing process these artisan drinks are versatile and delicious. They continue to expand their range, Valencian Orange Tonic Water is new to us this year; made using beautifully sweet Valencian oranges and infused with lemongrass, this mixer is perfectly rounded with a hint of quinine for a refreshing and aromatic tonic water - one to try this summer!


For the Bar Tender:

Ed Rigg founded Eager Juices after he started selling fruit juices at festivals out the back of his father's van. Eager Drinks today are premium pressed and squeezed juices in 1Ltr cartons that do not need to be refrigerated until opened.
Pago are premium fruit juices that are made using natural ingredients, sourced from the best producers in the world.

Pure and Simple:

Ugly are sparkling waters with nothing to hide. No sugar. No sweetener. No calories. Nothing artificial. #TheUglyTruth 

Remaining hydrated, especially when it's hot, ensures we stay fit and healthy, reducing the risk of illness and improving our mental and physical performance. It's also our skin's best friend, helping you to look as well as feel better. Harrogate's naturally enriched spring water has the perfect balance of minerals, providing a neutral water that is clean tasting, refreshing and your essential hydration partner for everyday life, in a recyclable twist bottle. 
The perfect accompaniment to life. Whether it's fine dining or a casual get together Hildon's glass bottles suit every table and their recyclable plastic bottles are great for refreshment on the go. 

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