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Our buyer's wine pick of the month is Nice wine:

Nice is wine for the moments that matter, and the magically meaningless ones too.

It's your wing-wine when you're out. Your chill-wine after work. Your lazy wine, your dinner wine, your catch-up wine whenever. So here's to making it Nice. At parties. On pauses. For pairing with a sandwich. Or the whole four fancy courses.

Try Nice wine here.

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Gabry Rose Brut

Gabry Rose Brut


24x20cl ABV: 11.5%

Named after the managing director of La Tordera, it has a bright rose... Read on

Tasting Notes - Fresh & Light Sparkling
MINI La Palma Sauvignon Blanc

MINI La Palma Sauvignon Blanc


24x18.75cl ABV: 12%

Aroma of juicy grapefruits, green apple and wild gooseberry and soft notes of... Read on

Tasting Notes - Fresh & Expressive
NICE Malbec Cans

NICE Malbec Cans


12X18.7CL ABV: 13.5%

Wine for whenever. Smooth, Argentinian and juicy. Read on

Tasting Notes - Bold & DeepProperties - VeganProperties - Gluten Free
NICE Pale Rose Cans

NICE Pale Rose Cans


12X18.7CL ABV: 12%

Wine for whenever. Dry, French and lively. Read on

Tasting Notes - Light & Dry RoseProperties - VeganProperties - Gluten Free
NICE Sauvignon Blanc CANS

NICE Sauvignon Blanc CANS


12X18.7CL ABV: 11.5%

Wine for whenever. Crisp, refreshing and a little bit fruity. Read on

Tasting Notes - Fresh & ExpressiveProperties - VeganProperties - Gluten Free
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