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By pairing high-quality, flavour-packed beers with a variety of natural sodas, Shandy Shack are putting a new spin on an old classic for those that love drinking but hate hangovers.
IPA Shandy pairs a hop-packed IPA with a slosh of natural lemonade. It tastes like summers on the village green and just 108 calories per 330ml. Whilst the Elderflower Lager Top combines a lively lager topped with a splash of crisp elderflower pressé. Imagine chilling on a sun-drenched bench in a pub garden... with just 105 calories per 330ml.
Buy today here and for the whole of May there's 15% off the two brews.

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Brewdog Gluten Free Punk IPA

Brewdog Gluten Free Punk IPA


12x33cl ABV: 5.4%

Punk IPA is the beer that kick-started a beer revolution. Now available gluten-free... Read on

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