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Kate, our Soft Drinks buyer's pick of the month is the range from BumbleZest.

BumbleZest was born out of a Battersea kitchen, crafting recipes using natural ingredients from around the world. Each recipe is designed to deal with the rigors of modern life, and of course, to taste great.

The team behind BumbleZest focus on health, vitality and overall wellbeing so by stripping out nearly all hidden sugars they are able to concentrate on the essential goodness inside the bottle. They're packed with up to 8 different functional ingredients meaning there's a whole host of benefits; they're vegan, low sugar and low calorie, all natural; nothing artificial; no preservative, additives, GMOs or colours, gluten, diary, lactose, nut free...did we mention their cans are also 100% recyclable non BPA cans? If that wasn't enough, they also have a long shelf life as well, 12 months from production.

So join the buzz and add some zest to your bar with their range: CBD Tonic Water, Flourish + Flow, Fuel + Focus and Rescue + Remedy.


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Bumblezest CBD Tonic Water

BumbleZest's low sugar and calorie CBD tonic water is created with all natural... Read on

Bumblezest Flourish + Flow Cans

BumbleZest's Flourish + Flow (250ml) is a natural sparkling water drink with Rosemary,... Read on

Bumblezest Fuel + Focus Cans

BumbleZest's Fuel + Focus (250ml) is a caffeinated natural sparkling water drink with... Read on

Bumblezest Rescue + Remedy Cans

BumbleZest's Rescue + Remedy (250ml) is a warming sparkling water Ginger drink with... Read on

Funkin Bramble Mix

Funkin Bramble Mix



Funkin Bramble is made using the finest handpicked blackberries, zesty lemons and the... Read on

Lixir Premium Ginger Ale

Lixir Premium Ginger Ale



Fresh and spicy, Lixir's premium Ginger Ale is designed to enhance the best... Read on

Lovely Drinks Ginger Beer

Lovely Drinks Ginger Beer



A medium hot and full bodied fizz made with fresh ginger root and... Read on

MangaJo Japanese Yuzu & Lemon

The Yuzu is only the size of a golf ball, but it tastes... Read on

Square Root Blackcurrant

Square Root Blackcurrant



Fresh, vibrant, sweet and sour blackcurrants gives an amazing depth of flavour. Sourced... Read on

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