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Kate, our Soft Drinks buyer's pick of the month is a range of tonics from Folkington's.

Folkington's was founded in 2012 by Paul Bendit after 12 years of developing premium and innovative soft drinks.

Each Folkington's drink is made from produce sourced from the same farmers, or farming co-operatives, which helps to deliver a consistent taste and quality. To keep the food miles down, they also source as much as they can from British farms.

New to our shelves is their range of tonics; Indian Tonic Water, Perfectly Light Tonic Water, Earl Grey Tonic Water and Garden Tonic Water, which is a unique twist on their traditional Indian Tonic Water with herbal botanicals from the typical English Garden.

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Fentimans Sparkling Apple & Blackberry

An exquisitely crafted flavour that combines two quintessentially British fruits. Perfect for the... Read on

Fentimans Tropical Soda

Fentimans Tropical Soda



A flavoured soda water that has been designed to pair with rum, made... Read on

Folkington's Earl Grey Tonic

Bergamot, the bitter orange from the toe of Italy (Calabria), is the essential... Read on

Folkington's English Garden Tonic

An exquisite and unique take on Folkington's traditional Indian tonic water. The experience... Read on

Folkington's Indian Tonic

Folkington's Indian Tonic



Folkington’s Indian Tonic Water is made from a blend of natural quinine (from... Read on

Folkington's Perfectly Light Tonic

Folkington’s Perfectly Light Indian Tonic water has 33% fewer calories while still containing... Read on

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