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February is turning into a busy month for us, with Valentine's Day around the corner and our Trade Day at Winchester Cocktail week on the horizon, we've taken a look at a few Winchester-local products along with a few of our stunning pink drinks that will be perfectly poised for any of your romantic celebrations!

The spirit of Hampshire

Nestling at the western end of the South Downs Way and surrounded by rolling countryside and meandering chalk streams lies Winchester, an ancient city rich in history and steeped in tradition.

Winchester Distillery seek to enrich this heritage by crafting small-batch, premium spirits using traditional methods and local botanicals sourced from the surrounding landscape. Winchester Dry Gin is their tribute to their home city and inspired by King Arthur's round table hanging in the Winchester Great hall.

It uses 25 medieval botanicals commonly used in food and medicine in the period; one for each Knight seated at the table with King Arthur himself on the throne at the head of the table represented by Juniper. Rich and complex, this is a unique gin with great depth of flavour and subtle herbal nuances from the wide list of (secret) medieval botanicals.

Make your customers feel a part of historical Winchester wherever you are in the country and relay this historical yarn!




Welcome to the natural gin with a mischievous grin. 

When being told to quit wine results in the best decision ever... Pinkster was born after founder Stephen realised wine and beer no longer agreed with him

A keen maker of sloe liqueurs and other concoctions, he turned his attention to spirits and started experimenting at home, mashing assorted fruits with different spirit strengths. Through a bowl of flavoursome raspberries, Pinkster emerged.

Whether it is be a pot of their Gin Jam to ramp up your cocktails or simply a deliciously fresh G&T these guys have a perfectly pink offering this Valentines Day.

Why not turn a simple G&T into a more romantic drink?!

Fever-Tree offer an aromatic experience through their blend of the gently bitter South American angostura bark and a rang of botanicals such as cardamom, pimento berry and ginger in this unique tonic water. Created to enhance juniper-rich and robust gins, Aromatic tonic can be enjoyed in a Pink G&T or as a sophisticated soft drink on its own.

Inspired by a historical recipe used by the Royal Navy in the 19th Century this tonic is pperfectly designed to complement navy strength gins such as Hampshire Navy Strength Gunpowder Gin (also from Winchester Distillery). Simply mix together with 50mls of gin, add plenty of ice and the twisted zest of a lemon.


An eastern romance!

New to our shelves, and extending the fantastic liqueur range from Edinburgh Gin Distillery is their Pomegranate and Rose Liqueur.

Inspired by dusky evenings in the Orient, this liqueur is light and fragrant, evocative of sugar-dusted Turkish Delight. Blending ruby-red pomegranate seeds and damask rose petals with their classic Edinburgh Gin, this sumptuous liqueur is softly floral, with a gentle warmth that's tempered by lingering fruit flavours and a light citrus lift.

The candied, aromatic notes are a perfect complement to dry sparkling wine such as Prosecco. It also makes a delicately sweet addition to the classic Martini, and is equally delicious when served over ice. For a longer drink, this gin liqueur mixes beautifully with rose lemonade, garnished with a lemon twist - so many options - it isn't just for Valentine's Day.


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