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It has been over ten years since the world of gin was ignited by the first trail blazers of craft gin distilling. Since then the rise in popularity of gin has been well documented in every way possible. Where 10 years ago there were fewer than 100 brands of gin generally available, today the choice is well over 800 in the UK!

So let's explore the world of gins together:

That's handy... Pre-mixed drinks

Edinburgh Gin and Gordon's, offer delicious G&T cans that are eye catching, eco friendly, easy to store and a perfect option for reassuring your customers over the hygiene of the serve. If alcohol is not your thing, Dalston's offer exquisite alcohol-free canned G&Ts, while Belvoir and Square Root bottle their non-alcoholic G&Ts in 20 and 25cl bottles respectively. Don't ask us to choose our favourite! We love them all!

Full of Eastern promise:

The East and its culinary influences have always held so much promise for gin producers and we have a growing group of excellent brands displaying unique characteristics. Try Kaikyo Distillery's 135 East Japanese Gin, a spirit that boasts a boatload of Japanese botanicals, with cedar wood, shiso leaf, chrysanthemum, sansho pepper and yuzu, or check out Roku Gin, a meticulously balanced gin consisting of six very special botanicals sourced in Japan. Finally, you won't want to miss out on tasting Opihr's Oriental Spiced London Dry Gin that's inspired by the adventurous spirit of the merchants travelling thousands of miles to trade exotic spices and botanicals from distant lands.

The Entrepreneurs:

Lots of well-known brewers have now come up with their own unique, high quality, note-worthy gins that are true game changers! Big Smoke have turned their hand to a range of fine gins that come in a variety of flavours: London Dry, Rhubarb & Pink Lemonade, and Sicilian Lemon. Tiny Rebel's Clwb and Cwtch gins as well as Brewdog's Lonewolf Classic and Cloudy Lemon gins are just as great!

Beside the sea:

There are a few gins that taste like summer no matter the time of year! If you want to feel the sun kiss your skin all you have to do is take a sip of Isle of Wight Distillery's Mermaid gins, Salcombe's Island Queen, Rosé Sainte Marie and Start Point gins, or any of Tarquin's gins!

The Townies:

Inspired by historical references these capitals have produced excellent gins! Some of our favourite London gins are Ealing London Dry, Fifty Pounds and Sipsmith, while we absolutely love Scotland's Edinburgh Gin.

Rooted in the countryside:

If you're looking for flavourful gins that will remind you of carefree days spent in the countryside, the Bloom, Chase, Cotswolds, Conker, Silent Pool and Greensand Ridge gins are for you!

A hop around the Isles:

Environment has shaped the creation of these gins resulting in different -yet equally delicious- flavours that successfully showcase the versatility of this base spirit. Some great examples of this are Scotland's Boë and Hedrick's, Ireland's An Dúlamán, and Wales' Aber Falls gins.

International Influence:

Making their way to our shores from all over the world, these lovely to look at and even lovelier to drink international gins are getting noticed! Want to see for yourself? Check out Sweden's Jüst Gin, USA's Death's Door, Spain's Verano, or Italy's VII Hills and Malfy gins. Let these spirits take you away!

Inspired by nature:

A few years ago no one would have thought that a juniper led spirit like gin would offer such a huge variety of fruity and floral options that even come in a range of beautiful colours! You can find a fair few of these amazing spirits in the J.J. Whitley, Warner's and Whitley Neill gin ranges.

Non-alcoholic spirits:

Don't overlook non-alcoholic gin-like spirits! They make a perfect alternative for the curious, the health conscious and the drivers; your bar's gin range just wouldn't be complete without them! Check out Lyre's Dry London Spirit, Sea Arch, and Seedlip.

Mix it up:

Last but not least, here come our favourite mixers! Over 70% of gin is consumed with a mixer so you see why we couldn't ignore mixers and neither should you! All Double Dutch, Fever Tree, Franklin & Sons, London Essence, Luscombe, Merchant's Heart, Sekforde, Dalston's and BumbleZest mixers offer a variety of delicious options that come in attractive bottles or cans that are bound to impress your customers!

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