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Low and No Alcohol!

Consumer's health and wellbeing had already become a key issue which was filtering down into the products entering the on trade, even before the pandemic hit. Keep up with demand for healthy options with your selection, from multi award winning low/no beers to the latest and best tasting kombucha - take your pick.

Peroni Libera 0.0% continues Peroni's creation of like enjoyed in style, giving people the first real choice of a stylish, super-premium 0% alcohol beer. Peroni Libera and Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One™️ have announced a multi-year partnership that celebrates the global launch of Peroni Libera 0.0% as a stylish and aspirational alcohol free beer choice, and comes as the Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One™️ team is currently making its highly anticipated return to Formula One™️ after more than 60 years.

Born of Bavarian spring water, pilsner malt, hallertau hops and their single-use yeast, Lucky Saint is a fantastic alcohol free brew. Discover biscuity malts and a smooth, citrus hop finish in this award-winning lager.

All Day IPA - Yes is First Chop's example of a low alcohol beer. At only 0.5% this beer doesn't hold back on the flavour, a beautiful straw colour on the pour and an overwhelming hoppy burst on the nose, this low alcohol beer isn't shy when it comes to bitter hoppy flavours.




All the spirit, none of the alcohol. Stryyk distilled non-alcoholic spirits. It's simple. If you had a gin and tonic yesterday, have a NOT G*N and tonic today. It's what you drink in the places you usually drink it.


Belvoir have created their own blend of 8 botanical extracts including juniper and elderflower along with soft, gently sparkling spring water resulting with a complex and characterful, lightly sparkling aromatic, botanical non-alcoholic J&T like drink with quinine added to give a bitter edge.

Square Root believe that everyone deserves a quality beverage, whether you're going juicy or boozy or stone-cold sober. That's why they created their own top-notch non-alcoholic G&T and Negroni spritz. Sophisticated and totally booze-free these are two fantastic non-alcoholic drinks!

JARR is all about changing perceptions; they love getting people to reassess their ideas of what a soft drink can be. Instead of creating a predictable drink that would immediately appeal to everyone's tastes and expectation, JARR decided to start brewing kombucha; one that was unapologetically punchy, healthy and damn delicious.

Kombucha - a sweet, effervescent fermented drink made from a 'scoby' culture and fermented tea producing a probiotic drink claimed to be good for your gut health. It's a market worth £180 million in 2018, and expected to rise drastically to £580 within the next 5 years (Bryce, 2020).



Summer Soft Drinks


Fizzing with innovation the soft drinks category has boomed in recent years, offering your consumer flavour, freshness and variety, these drinks will help keep things cool this summer. What's more, the opportunity to upsell is rife, with dedicated alternatives to alcohol that rival their alcoholic counterparts you really can offer your drinkers an inclusive adult soft drink.

Cornish Orchards is not just cider! Award-winning, premium juices made using traditional craft practices from the team in Duloe.

Every can of Cawston is pressed fruit and a little fizz. The sweetness comes from pressed fruit, nothing else. In life, as in juice, nature knows best.

Exceptionally quaffable, bashed and bottled fruit tipples. Every Frobisher drink can be enjoyed for its simplicity and distinctively natural flavours, whilst Mixologists love using them to create cocktails and mocktails that pack a bit more of a punch.

Driven by flavour, by the desire for authenticity, and the demand for more choice, more taste, more natural ingredients in soft drinks. Founded on the simple idea, that they should help others and support those who do good deeds because small contributions to our communities can make a big difference to society. Every one of Soda Folk's cans features a person with a great story that everyone can be inspired by, encouraging us all to do more. It's time for a change. Time for a good kind of soda. Time to choose Soda Folk.

One couple's desire to create something extraordinary, Bottlegreen was founded by husband and wife, Kit and Shireen. Wine makers by trade, they were passionate about creating drinks of unrivalled quality. Bottlegreen's Pressés are full bodied, carefully crafted to deliver the ultimate taste experience. Best served chilled over ice. Or discover their cordials, each carefully crafted to deliver an unrivalled taste experience. Is it Bottlegreen o'clock yet?

Leading the ginger beer field, Bundaberg's ginger beer is a worldwide favourite. Made with the finest, locally grown ginger and sugarcane, there's simply no compromise in ingredients or quality. It's the real deal! The Aussies know a thing or two about the sun and how to quench their thirst, give Bundaberg a try this summer!

Square Root  is soda made right. Soda made with ingredients you'd find in our kitchen, not ingredients you can't even pronounce. It's soda made seasonally to keep the fruit the freshest and the taste the tastiest, from fruit to bottle - never, ever from concentrate.

Belvoir's amazing team of foodies and thinkers, tasters and sales folk, pickers and packers are on Belvoir Farm in Leicestershire - working together, with nature, to craft their range of premium soft drinks. The range is crafted by taking simple ingredients - natural fruits, hand-picked flowers, fresh juices and spices - with all the subtle and sublime flavours of nature.






Buy Local, buy small


Nectar has always supported and actively sought the small local artisan producers that add a little extra interest to the bar. With working patterns changing post-COVID, many after work drinkers may be closer to home and may also want to support smaller or more local independent businesses.

Modern, British Ale. Created by chef, creative and restauranteur Rik, First Chop beers were originally born from his acclaimed bar and restaurant of the same name in North Manchester. First Chop see no reason why Great Beer should not also be Gluten Free Beer. In fact, they believe the two go hand in hand. They make great gluten free beer!

Big Smoke are a young brewery and distilling company producing modern beer styles and handmade, small batch spirits in the leafy suburbs of Esher in Surrey. They brew hop forward pales, crisp lagers, rich stouts and everything in between, whilst their venture into spirits offers a delicious range of gins - perfect for the summer!





Super Premium Soars

Super Premium Lager continues to see the biggest increase in RoS vs. 2019 compared to the other Draught Categories up 6% v 2019 (CGA).

When consumers are finally able to visit the on trade again, they are looking for a great experience and are opting for these premium brands, willing to pay more for something special. In celebratory mode there is much excitement and expectation that bars can benefit from, and these brands are outright winners.

One of the top 3 best trending brands over the past 10 years* Asahi Super Dry delivers a dry, crisp taste and quick, clean finish. This distinctive dry taste is known as Karakuchi. A beer that would become Japan's No.1 beer. Asahi Super Dry sold in the UK is now brewed to the authentic Japanese recipe, using superior ingredients and brewing standards.

Not only is Peroni Nastro Azzurro the number 1 favourite world lager brand in the UK on trade; customers love the brand, it's style, authenticity as well as the great taste. It is proven to outsell all competitive brands both on rate of sale and sales generated by higher price points.


Summer Sessions

Whether it's the long days or the warmer temperatures, there's something about summer that screams beer... lots of beer, and for endless good times a session beer is just the thirst quencher.

They're the kind of ale or lager you can drink over and over again without getting sauced. They're your all day drinking type of beer.

Grolsch: Double brewed. Double the flavour at only 4% abv. A pilsner with a great depth of flavour. Initially crisp and refreshing. Proost!

Meantime's Easytime Lager is perfectly placed to succeed as consumers are looking for sessionable beers they can enjoy. It's lager but not as you know it. Easy drinking, fresh and packed with flavour; a peachy, aromatic sessionable brew.

Other tasty sessionable brews include Bellfield Session Ale.Two Tribes Metroland Session IPA, Siren Yu Lu and Four Pure Citrus Session Ale.




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