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Moreish in any form, chocolate inspired beers speak of the time of the year where we are allowed to indulge a little. These beers cheer us up, warm our cockles and are a welcome treat to see in the depths of Winter!

Full flavours and big aromas keep the Winter at bay!

Check out some of our favourites below!




Warming Red Ales


The days are getting shorter, and nature turns down the colour to deeper hues. Luscious red and amber ales are perfect for this time of year when our thoughts turn to the season ahead and we need a little comforting!

These hugely flavoursome beers are great to drink with food for a change, think cheese, think pickle.

A trio of cracking reds: Whitstable Bay Red IPA, Fordham Copperhead Ale, Meantime Yakima Red.

Mulling Ciders

From the exhausted shoppers to the party goers, mulling is a romantic notion of mid-Winter. It's associated with Christmas, snow, spices and sharing - a perfect way to spend a little time.

As it gets colder, mulled cider is a perfect addition into any bar.

Warm up this Winter with these fantastic mulled ciders: Cotswold Cider Co Horn Blower, Westons Mulled Cider,Apsall Mulled Cyder.

Christmas Traditions

That time of year has arrived; you feel like a little tradition and festive fun, so go on...have a Christmas beer...whether it's to keep your turkey company, or with friends.

Ales infused with spice and all things nice, Christmas beers are the perfect way to get in the festive spirit.

Try a taste of the festive season: Shepherd Neame Christmas Ale, Delirium Christmas Ale, Erdinger Schneeweisse.


Less is More!

Revellers no longer have to submit to tasteless, gassy beers if they want to lower their alcohol consumption...these days they can enjoy a wide range of equally tasty brews, just without alcohol.

Maybe the after-party gossip won't be quite so colourful, but the future of this category is certainly rosy - the demand for low and no-alcohol drinks are increasing every year!

Why not take a look at these tasty no and low alcohol brews: Sheppy's Low Alcohol Classic Cider,
Pistonhead Flat Tire Non-Alcoholic, Small Beer Lager.





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