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Beers and Ciders

As well as lots of new and flavoursome beers and ciders we've been looking closely at lo and no this time round as we feel like many there's still more to come from this category.

They have become so good in some cases it really is hard to tell the alcoholic from the non, and they are a great beer in their own right.

Our cask ale selection continues to grow a pace and we see the world of craft beer enthusiasts merge with cask ales as modern brewers are just as able to make cask beer in modern formats that excite the craft beer drinker. It will take the brewers a few weeks to get up and running again after re opening but they will be back to full strength soon!

In the world of cider, fruit is still leading the way particularly on draught so head over to our cider pages to choose your summer offering.


The world of spirits is always fascinating and offers so many opportunities to the bar. Premiumisation is still key in driving additional spend and the plethora of spirits, mixers and 'spirits enhancers' is such that there really is a solution for every bar to satiate the customers desire for something new and exciting.

Having been cooped up for such a long time we think we need to have a little fun with long drinks, garnishes, drinks menus and new flavours for the rest of the summer!

It does not always have to involve alcohol anymore with an increasing choice of non alcoholic spirits to try so you can be healthy and still join in the fun!

Soft Drinks

This category has become unrecognisable over the last few years with the addition of adult soft drinks, mixers for every flavour imaginable and drinks for those concerned with health and wellbeing issues.

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