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The Sugar Levy, affectionately known as the Sugar Tax comes into action from the 6th April 2018. Here's a round up of what it entails and who of our beloved soft drinks producers have made changes with your customer's health and happiness in mind. 

The levy is applied to the producer of the soft drink, it affects imported drinks as well as UK based ones. There will be no tax on drinks that have under 5g of sugar per 100ml, drinks that have between 5-8gs of sugar will be taxed 18p per litre and any soft drinks with over 8g of sugar per 100ml will be taxed 24p per litre.

Exclusions include pure fruit juices, milk based products, drinks with no added sugar or those only containing natural sugars.


Some of our sumptuous soft drinks producers have always considered the health and well-being of their consumers, their drinks' recipes are already under the new threshold so are exempt! This includes Frobishers, Nix & Kix, Square Root Soda, Sekforde, ChariTea and Soda Folk!


A handful of our soft drinks friends are tweaking their recipes in favour of consumers' health; there are some added bonus' thrown in too, check out the changes here:

Dalston's, rather than using artificial sweeteners or hood-winking consumers by using fruit sugars (that once boiled down or deionised, act the same as sugar),they believe that balance, transparency and real food is the age old truth that will win through. In this vein, Dalston's continue to use real natural ingredients blended with beet sugar but just make sure this is all in moderation. All of their drinks will be coming in between 6.5g-6.9g of sugar and therefore fall under the higher 8g sugar tax level.

Double Dutch are all about the double whammy! Not only have they tweaked their recipes so they're healthier (without losing their flavour) they're also lower in list price than they've ever been before!

Bucking the common industry reformulation methods, Cawston Press will only use pressed fruit juice to sweeten their sparkling drinks, despite fruit prices skyrocketing by more than 60%, due to late frosts and a poor harvest. Their Ginger Beer will be the only ginger beer on the market that is sweetened with pressed fruit. Each of the new recipes will come in at under 90 calories, with on average, 31% less total sugar that before.

Cawston Press have committed to cutting out a staggering 300 tonnes of sugar from the fizzy drinks they sell in the UK from April to December, this year alone.
Barrs Cream Soda and Rubicon have also reformulated their recipes with consumers in mind, Rubicon will actually have 50% less sugar! Whilst Hartridges, MangaJo, Bundaberg, all of Bottlegreen (except their tonic) and Think Drinks fall under the sugar levy - winners all-round.

Remember, all natural drinks are 'naturally' exempt from the levy!

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