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Since 2020 we've been rather busy... we have now refreshed our wine range by more than 50% in the last 2 years, as we have focused our attention on delivering a range with exceptional quality, incredible value and a significant degree of exclusivity.

At Nectar we are quality obsessed, fortunately that means many old favourites remain amongst the refreshed selection! We now work even closer with a tight range of mostly family-owned, independent wine suppliers in each key wine producing country in the world - and we are absolutely delighted to share this new range with you. Please feel free to speak with your local Wine Development Manager to help select some new ideas for your Wine List.

You can click to buy straight from this digital brochure, simply click on the links that are highlighted on each page and you'll be taken to our website where you can add your chosen wine to your basket!

We've also been busy identifying the latest Wine trends - and think that 2022 will be a stellar year for all things Sparkling, Rosé and more.

Short Harvests, New Opportunities

Late Spring frosts, extreme hail, and rainstorms have caused many 'traditionally' popular regions such as France, New Zealand, and the USA to have shorter than expected harvests.

Fortunately, this has created a huge opportunity for you to excite your customers by listing and talking about new regions and territories, especially as much of the population chose to explore and learn more about wine during lockdown. Customers are keener than ever to learn about where their wine is coming from and in these pages, we have shared more information about our direct, exclusively vineyard sourced wines and about our family producers for you to share with your customers.

Rosé, Rosé, Rosé

Gone are the days of pink being for summer only. Rosé is now a year-round experience and premium rosé is now the UK's fastest growing still wine trend.

2022 is officially the year of great rosé - you'll want to consider covering yourself with both the traditional French rosé bas well as exploring, new innovative styles, like a Mendoza Malbec rosé made in a Provence style with light, delicate crushed raspberry fruit.

No longer be surprised when your customer starts asking where your Provence rosé is when the snow starts in early winter!

Sparkling... a reason to Celebrate!

Hospitality is back and customers are popping corks like there's no tomorrow! Sparkling wine is the big winner in the wine world and is in significant growth across the industry.

Champagne supply shortages have led to customers looking for similarly traditional styles - finally English Sparkling is starting to boom. Consider our exciting range across the south of England from Dorset to Sussex as well as looking across the channel at our brand new Cremant de Bourgogne, made in the same method as Champagne but produced in Burgundy.

Let your customers explore both local and traditional, with exceptional quality giving everyone a reason to celebrate.

There is lots going on for Wine at Nectar - from fine dining to Christmas parties, let us help you with your choices, as we always say, drink wine - it isn't good to bottle it up!

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