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100 Month-aged Rum!

Published: 13 Dec 2018

Dictador is a dynamic, modern and luxury lifestyle brand that embodies heritage and provenance, with a history in spirits production of over 100 years. 

In the late 18th century, Severo Arango y Ferro arrived in Cartagena de Indias in Nueva Granada (present-day Colombia). He had plans to improve tax collection for Spain in the American Spanish colonies. His strong and powerful nature was quickly recognised and he was soon dubbed DICTADOR. Then came the moment when he fell in love at first sight (and taste) - he discovered rum. His devotion and affection for the tropical elixir drove him to become a key trader of exotic sugar cane spirits, which at the time were considered a currency in the region.

Two new rums to join our shelves from Dictador are from the 100 months aged range: Orange and Café.

Orange 100-month aged rum is the ideal match for those looking for a fresh, zesty palate with their rum. Excellent for creating refreshing rum cocktails on brilliant summer days or dark winter evenings with its hint of spice. After continuous column, still distillation and ageing in ex-bourbon oak casks, this full flavoured rum is macerated with fresh Colombian orange peel to create a subtle yet deep flavour.

Café 100-month aged rum is a perfect partner for the most discerning drinker who values their rum as much as their morning coffee. Using ex-bourbon oak barrels after distillation in a continuous column still, this rum is then filtered through Colombia's most well-known agricultural product - Arabica coffee beans. This provides a vast and deep flavour for those connoisseurs seeking a little something special in their rum.


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