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Will Price, Mugshot

Published: 13 Dec 2018

Our Mixologist's Diary is back, and this edition we headed to bustling Brizzle to chat about two of our favourite topics - food and (of course) drink with Will Price from Mugshot as he prepares for the Christmas onslaught.

If you've not been to Bristol in the last year you've missed this fantastic independent restaurant and bar with a 1920's twist, with a menu that caters to meat lovers, vegetarians and pizza lovers, and cocktails to suit it really is a place not to be missed! Here we hear from Will...

'All bartenders want to work in a place that has something special to offer, something distinctive, and Mugshot really was a case of love at first sight. The place just looks spectacular, but the devil really is in the detail and the care that went into its construction is evident.

The great thing about steak as a cuisine is its transparency. Quality speaks for itself. Where I think we really shine is the theatre of hot stone dining, the service and atmosphere. All of our steak butters and sauces are made fresh daily so I wanted to bring that same craft and energy to the drinks program. Restaurant bartending really affords the opportunity to push the envelope in terms of flavour, and allows the time to refine your techniques and ingredients, but as an accompaniment to steak the drinks still have to be bold, refined, and elegant. 

The predominant trend in the bar world for the last couple of years has been sustainability. Although hospitality offers an escape from the world, we have to acknowledge our position within it and the industry has been duly rigorous in examining its culture and methods accordingly. To that end I am fanatical about minimising waste wherever possible. I treat flavour as a resource, that can be extracted from anything given the right techniques. Fruit is peeled before juicing, so the peels can be used to make cordials. Even the mint left over from the weekend is used to make syrup for our hot chocolates!'


'The two drinks I've chosen to highlight, showcase all the best aspects of this approach, in that they both utilise ingredients made in house or from materials recycled from prep. Half of the ginger is juiced for the cordial and the other half is cooked into the chai reduction along with cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, anise, loose-leaf tea and nutmeg. Lemon Sherbert utilises the lemon peels in a fragrant and versatile component, and the cloves spike the sweet notes of the honey. 

The Tony Todd


Chai Society

I selected the Marylebone Rum Cask for it's lovely warm spiciness and vanilla notes, and Briottet is always reliable in any situation.'

We know where we're returning to very soon!  


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