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New this Month...Longbottom

Published: 09 Apr 2019

Kate, our Soft drinks buyer's pick of the month is a range of tomato-based mixers from Longbottom.


The story of Longbottom & Co. began in 1988 when the founders Ed & Greg, met at school. Together, they have been making mischief ever since. They started making hot sauce as a hobby back in 2009. As lovers of various Mary drinks, they became ever more frustrated at how hard it is to get a great Bloody Mary, so decided they need to make it. Properly.

Longbottom & Co. set out to craft a modern classic that's refined, complex and packs a punch. It's great to drink as it is, or with a slug of liquor if you prefer. Made with the finest Tomato Juice (no concentrate around here), they blend in the garnish, add a good bit of horseradish and Longbottom & Co. Hot Sauce and a dash of Vegan Worcester sauce. Longbottom have made it vegan and gluten free so it can be enjoyed by as many people as possible.

Call the sales office on 01747 827030 or email ten/ratcen//selas

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